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Riya Chhabra
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How does the Program work? 🧐

The Mentorship programs offer deep dives into the most in-demand skills over a longer period. They go beyond the classroom with peer engagement and projects to boost outcomes.
Access to On-demand content to watch at your own pace
Get your doubts cleared by experts in Live Q&A sessions
Learn faster with a vibrant Online community


In this program you consume content from these awesome Guest Mentors from leading companies in the industry.
Sonali Sharma
Jonathan Xiu
Anand Ramachandran
Head of Category Management
Rafael Lam
Associate Partner

Community-led learning is the future ⚡️

We at Growth School facilitate a dynamic community to build real-world problem-solving skills.
Build relationships beyond networks
Work with motivated peers having fresh out-of-the-box thinking and showing you new ways to do things.
Live events to engage in
Participate in live Q&As, debates, hackathons, and other healthy contests to drive home the learning.
Find career opportunities
Become a part of an ecosystem where members help access opportunities for jobs and freelance projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a completely live program?
No. This is a hybrid of on-demand content and live sessions. Every week you will get access to on-demand content. And you can get all your doubts and queries answered in the QnA sessions.
How much access do I get to my mentor(s)?
While we can’t promise that they will reply to every single message, but they will be active during the live sessions.They will answer questions, provide feedback, and share their notes to address common pain points and questions.
How much time can I expect to spend on the program each week?
At least 5-6 hours per week.
This program is a sprint, and you’ll be asked to execute things as well.
The live sessions will be 60 minutes long.
We also offer bonus Guest workshops and Jamming Sessions throughout the program.
What’s included with the program?
This program takes place online, so no travel is required.
With your tuition, you’ll have lifetime access to all the pre-study material, recordings of the live cohort sessions, guest sessions, and a private online community where you’ll interact with your batchmates.
You’ll retain access to the program materials and community indefinitely after the program ends.