Starts 13th Feb. 2022

4-Week Speak to Influence Mentorship Program

The Ultimate Mentorship Program to improve Public Speaking.

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On Demand Content

8+ Hours Total

Live Sessions

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Hands on Projects

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Access to the Content

1 year

What will you learn?

  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Real World Assignments
  • Learn with a lively community
Week 1
What You Will Learn
  • Learn my advanced Speaking Frameworks to charm anyone, win any conversation and build an unforgettable impression in people’s minds.
  • Learn the WHAT, WHY & HOWs of Public Speaking.
  •  Learn how to write and record your first-ever speech.
Projects You Will Do
  • Prepare 3 questions to know everything about anyone in the room.
  • Write your introduction to win any audience.
  • Record your first speech.
Week 2
What You Will Learn
  • Learn How to get out of every conversation as a winner!
  • Learn how to Handle Arguments in daily life like a PRO.
  • Learn how to instantly connect with powerful leaders and leave an unforgettable impression at any networking event.
  • Learn how to give presentations (that even your boss will applaud for!)
  • Learn how to make small talk and connect with strangers in no time!
Projects You Will Do
  • Make your 4 conversation starters for different situations in life.
  • Write your elevator pitch.
  • Practicing how to arrange long text in an interesting way.
  • Write your introduction which you can use in any networking event.
Week 3
What You Will Learn
  • Learn How to Address any big audience like a STAR!
  • Make your audience fall in awe of you!
  • Understand your audience and learn how to deliver the best content for them.
  • Learn the difference between online and offline speaking events!
Projects You Will Do
  • Build your audience persona.
  • Building your public tone and persona.
  • Find your first public speaking gig.
  • Write your first long form talk.
  • Make your first visually appealing presentation.
Week 4
What You Will Learn
  • Learn How to leverage every social media platform to your advantage.
  • Learn How to create content that gets shared on multiple platforms.
  • Learn how to become a highly paid public speaker and build a career in public speaking.
  • Learn how to go GLOBAL and speak at global events.
Projects You Will Do
  • Start your social media journey.
  • Break one content piece into 4 content pieces.
  • Build your signature personality which stands out of the crowd.
  • Write and record your final speech based on everything you have learned.

Who is this program for?

OR Anyone who is interested to learn about Public Speaking.

Think it’s a match? Apply Now.

Our students love what we do

Our community is a mix of students, professionals, and budding entrepreneurs, who drive us and inspire us. Here’s them sharing their love.

Abdul Basit Baig

Had an amazing workshop with Raj Shamani learned all of his 10 magical frameworks for public speaking looking forward to using it in the best way possible. I will recommend to people who are shy and glossophobic (learned this word from his workshop) to attend this workshop.
Thanks to GrowthSchool for making this possible.

August 2, 2021

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Harsh Mishra

Skill Unlocked 🔓

A few days back I attended the workshop on Public Speaking by Raj Shamani, organized by GrowthSchool. 💪

Truly it can’t be expressed in words about the value I got through it. I realized there are so many things of which we are unaware, we just need to look into things with a separate mindset and unlock our achievements, as now things are becoming so easily available. Just we need few steps to tap in and understand the worth of the thing. 🌟

Small steps make a huge difference in life. But making that small step is a tough task. 🌍

Don’t miss the opportunity like I didn’t share with you the token of appreciation I received from the workshop. 🎉

August 2, 2021

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Vedant Chaturvedi

On 11th of July, a very great workshop on public speaking was conducted by growth school in which sir raj Shamani was teaching us about public speaking that what exactly it is, and how to speak.

I recommend everyone to attend the workshop once in the future because it is worth it.

June 12, 2021

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Chaitrali Tengshe

Thank you for such a wonderful workshop Raj Shamani and GrowthSchool. It was an amazing Workshop. It covered the basics of public speaking and definitely enhanced my communication skills.

August 2, 2021

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How does the mentorship program works

The Mentorship programs offer deep dives into the most in-demand skills over a longer period. They go beyond the classroom with peer engagement and projects to boost outcomes.

Access to On-demand content to watch at your own pace

Get your doubts cleared by experts in Live Q&A sessions

Learn faster with a vibrant Online community

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Premium SIP Growth School Community
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20 Conversation Starter Templates
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Speech Writing Checklist 101
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Negotiation Secrets Checklist
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Interview Preparation Templates
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How to get an opportunity to speak at a TEDx event!
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Worth ₹XXXX
Unlock after purchase

Stellar work from our Community

Here are some of the projects created by the Growth School community. We’re thrilled to see their interpretation of the courses and their rapid progress.

Meet Your Trainer

Raj Shamani
Founder at Shamani Industries, Keynote Speaker in 26+ Countries

I am Raj Shamani, Founder of Shamani Industries, which has grown over 20 times in the last 5 years. I started my journey as a speaker at the age of 16, now have grown to over 900k followers on Instagram.

In the journey I have given over 250+ speeches across 26 countries on platforms such as TED and the United Nations and at organizations like Jaguar, Land Rover, TCS, Reliance and Forbes.

I have also given 5 TED talks and was inducted into the National Geographic Society in 2013 as an Explorer, for pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration through art, and featured in the Documentary, The Creative Indians on Netflix.

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When does the mentorship program start?

You can find the date of the mentorship program at the top of this page.

Is this a completely live program?

No. This is a hybrid of on-demand content and live sessions. Every week you will get access to on-demand content. And you can get all your doubts and queries answered in the QnA sessions.

Do I have lifetime access to the content?

You will have access to the content for 1 year.

I have a jam-packed schedule and I am not sure if I can make it, what do you suggest?

You will have access to the on-demand content to watch whenever you want. You will only need to get into the live sessions but even if you can’t make it, we provide all the recordings. So, mostly we expect you to put in 3-4 hours a week to complete the program successfully.

Would there be a certificate of completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after you complete the entire program and all the projects.