Starts 27th Feb 2022

8-Week Content Writing & Freelancing Mentorship Program

The Ultimate Mentorship Program to become a highly paid content writing freelancer.

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Live Sessions

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What will you learn?

  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Real World Assignments
  • Learn with a lively community
Week 1
What You Will Learn
  • Writing Grammatically Correct Content
  • Understanding Writing Tones & Writing Styles!
  • Every Content Type & Format you need to know.
  • How to Perfect any content piece you write?
  • How or Overcome the writer’s block every time?
  • Exact Guidelines to follow to write crisp content!
  • Understanding and Building Writing Processes.
  • Advanced Content Research Strategies to save hours!
  • How to Write Content Your First Draft?
  • How to Edit & Proofread your content like a Pro?
Projects You will be doing
  • Finding/Creating your write tone &
    writing style.
  • Write Different Types of Content in Different Formats.
  • Build your own Writing Process.
  • Proofread the content you wrote in
    Week 1.
Week 2
What You Will Learn
  • How to Make your Content Impactful
  • What’s next after the first draft?
  • Secrets Tools and Apps to Create Better Content!
  • How to come up with your own Creative Process?
  • Ideation Processes for building an Idea Bank.
  • Untapped Ways to come up with amazing content ideas
  • Using Advanced Research Tools to Find Gaps in the Market
  • Doing a Thorough Competitor Analysis to Find what works best for them.
  • Why Promotion is even more important than Creating?
  • Fundamentals of Distributing content on the web.
  • Understanding all distribution platforms and finding what works best for them!
  • Understanding Ghost Writing, Guest Blogging & Collaborations.
  • Building a Content Distribution Strategy
  • Exploring Advanced tools for distribution of content
  • Understanding Data and Analytics to Make Better Decisions
Projects You will be doing
  • Create your own creative process
  • Use Advanced Tools to Find Gaps in the Market and Create Content
  • Do Competitor Research for a specific company/business
  • Repurpose and Distribute content across different platforms
  • Reach out for your first Guest Blogging Opportunity
  • Analyzing the results of your execution and knowing what to do next using data
Week 3
What You Will Learn
  • Getting Started with Business Writing
  • Key Elements of Business Writing
  • Going Deep-dive into Writing Amazing E-books
  • Complete Guide to Build an Impactful Newsletter
  • The Fundamentals of Magazine Writing
  • Product Descriptions and Reviews
  • E-Commerce Content Writing
  • Cold Email Writing Guide
Projects You will be doing
  • Reach Out to 5 people using Cold Emails
  • Starting your first-ever Newsletter from scratch
  • Coming up with ideas for an E-book to work on
Week 4
What You Will Learn
  • Deep-dive into Different Types of Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Frameworks that generate millions of dollars in revenue!
  • Long Sales Copies vs Short Crisp Landing Page Copies
  • Ads Copywriting Secrets.
  • Mind-breaking ways to come up with Creative Ad Copy Ideas.
  • Video Ads Scripts Copywriting Fundamentals.
  • Strategies to Automate your entire content creation.
Projects You will be doing
  • Writing a Landing Page for an Existing Brand using everything you learned!
  • Writing Creative Ad Copies that stick in the consumer’s mind.
  • Writing your first-ever video ads script.
Week 5
What You Will Learn
  • Complete Understanding of SEO
  • Advanced Keyword Research Strategies
  • Different Steps Involved in SEO
  • Importance of SEO Content Writing
  • Best Apps and Tools to Optimize your SEO Process
  • Tracking your Performance, Understanding Data to Create Better Content.
  • Entire Blog Writing Process that has generated millions of views of the web!
  • SEO Checklist that works.
Projects You will be doing
  • Doing Advanced Keyword Research and finding untapped keywords.
  • Conducting Competitor Analysis and capitalizing on gaps in the market.
  • Writing a blog post based on keyword research and analysis.
  • Optimizing the content for SEO using the SEO Checklist.
Week 6
What You Will Learn
  • Finding your goals & objectives
  • Identifying your strengths as a writer
  • Exploring all the Platforms that suit your needs
  • What Workflow and systems to build as a freelancer?
  • Managing & communicating your deliverables
  • Learn how to leverage relationships with others to build your brand.
  • Learn the best way to build your content portfolio.
  • Get your writing samples in front of others with ease.
Projects You will be doing
  • Setting up Goals and Objectives
  • Setting up accounts across platforms.
  • Building your own content portfolio.
  • Building your Personal Brand from the ground up.
Week 7
What You Will Learn
  • Pricing & Negotiating your charges
  • Setting Up Systems for managing workflows
  • Managing Finances as a Freelancer
  • A day in the life of a freelance writer
Projects You will be doing
  • Setting your prices and creating a rate sheet.
  • Building your own workflows and systems as a freelancer.
  • Building a budget and a financial plan to be a full-proof and stress-free freelance content writer.
Week 8
What You Will Learn
  • Building your Network of Clients and Freelancers
  • Know how to approach and convince clients
  • How to source & close Clients?
  • Writing the right Proposals & selecting the right projects
  • Communicate and work with international clients
  • Build long-lasting working relationships
  • How to scale your freelance writing business!
  • Case Studies of Freelancers making $$$
Projects You will be doing
  • Finding and Approaching your first set of clients.
  • Writing a custom proposal for your prospects to close them fast!
  • Onboarding your client and getting the work done.
  • Reaching out to people the right way and building relationships with fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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The Mentorship programs offer deep dives into the most in-demand skills over a longer period. They go beyond the classroom with peer engagement and projects to boost outcomes.

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Meet Your Trainer

Anuj Gosalia
Founder and CEO at TTT

Anuj Gosalia has contributed to the growth story of a number of content-oriented startups with his greatest success story being Terribly Tiny Tales. It is India’s biggest micro-fiction platform with a reach of over 2 million. Anuj has led TTT to branch into the video content space with top-rated web series and brand deals. They have been featured by leading newspapers and TTT has a large following on every major social media platform.

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Devaiah Bopanna
Co-Founder of All Things Small

Devaiah Bopanna is the Ex-Head Writer of AIB (All India Bakchod). He started his career in the world of Advertising as a Copywriter at Ogilvy, India and went on to become a sought after creative director and writer. He’s the man behind CRED’s viral ads and has also worked as an independent writer for Netflix and Amazon Prime’s youtube channel.

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Natasha Puri
Content Marketing Lead at Pepper Content

Natasha Puri is an award winning content marketer with over 6 years of experience in the field. She’s the ex-head of marketing at Juggernaut Books and currently works as the Content Marketing Lead at Pepper.

Featured In
Anirudh Singla
Co-Founder & CEO of Pepper Content

Anirudh Singla is the co-founder and CEO at Pepper Content. He’s been featured in publications like Forbes, The Hindu and YourStory. His mission is to simplify the way businesses produce content.

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Yes! You will be certified for this program once you submit your assignment.

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    Receive an instructor signed certificate with institution’s logo to verify your achievements and increase your job prospects.

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We at Growth School facilitate a dynamic community to build real-world problem-solving skills.

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Work with motivated peers having fresh out-of-the-box thinking and showing you new ways to do things.

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Participate in live Q&As, debates, hackathons, and other healthy contests to drive home the learning.

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Become a part of an ecosystem where members help access opportunities for jobs and freelance projects.


When does the mentorship program start?

You can find the date of the mentorship program at the top of this page.

Is this a completely live program?

No. This is a hybrid of on-demand content and live sessions. Every week you will get access to on-demand content. And you can get all your doubts and queries answered in the QnA sessions.

Do I have lifetime access to the content?

You will have access to the content for 1 year.

I have a jam-packed schedule and I am not sure if I can make it, what do you suggest?

You will have access to the on-demand content to watch whenever you want. You will only need to get into the live sessions but even if you can’t make it, we provide all the recordings. So, mostly we expect you to put in 3-4 hours a week to complete the program successfully.

Would there be a certificate of completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after you complete the entire program and all the projects.