Starts 12th DEC 2021

8 -Week D2C Mentorship Program

Learn how to run a D2C business successfully from people who have built million-dollar D2C brands and get access to a premier community of founders and practitioners to help you grow and scale faster.

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What will you learn?

  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Real World Assignments
  • Learn with a lively community
Week 1
What You Will Learn
  • India is booming with opportunity, yet building a consumer brand here is a Herculean task. With a market of billion-plus consumers, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies it is also the most difficult to navigate. Distribution has been one of the biggest challenges and online is here to solve this problem. This module talks about why D2C is such a big opportunity and why D2C brands have disrupted the ecosystem
  • Overview of D2C Market and understanding of what unit economics means


  • Make your own D2C Unit Economics


Week 2
What You Will Learn
  • No brand is a brand without a product. What is this product? Why launch this product? How will it change consumers’ lives and why would consumers buy it? This module will cover the importance of a unique product and its attributes.
  • Learn about new products, product life cycle, moat and niche


  • SWOT Analysis
Week 3
What You Will Learn
  • A brand is more than just a name or a logo. It stands for a being with a personality. Like you and me a brand does certain things and does not do certain things. A brand has beliefs and culture. Setting this up early on rather than keeping it fluid is very important
  • Learn about all the aspects that need to go into a brand


  • Create a brand web and choose 3 words that are relevant to your brand


Week 4
What You Will Learn
  • The biggest black hole for most D2C brands is cracking the right marketing strategy. When marketing consumer products in India 100s of millions of customers, unlimited budgets can be spent. Having said that, managing a focused marketing effort and stretching the dollar and resources to the maximum is critical.
  • Learn basics of performance marketing, dashboarding and reporting


  • Come up with a launch strategy (digital and 360 degree) for your first product or one of your products


Week 5
What You Will Learn
  • Like an offline business has a retail store or instore branding, online brands have their own websites and 3P channels to display their brand. This serves as the point of discovery, landing, and eventual commerce, and thus, a great deal of effort and thought needs to go into each part of the experience for the end customer. Trust to get the customer to click buy is what brands need to focus on across both channels.
  • Learn about website and 3P strategy


  • edit the 6 images for your products/top product on Amazon and your own website basis guidelines taught


Week 6
What You Will Learn
  • A brand is nothing without its customers. The famous saying goes, “it takes years to get customers but seconds to lose one”. Thus, being customer-first should be at the bedrock of any consumer products organization. This section will explore customer focus, insights, service, and most importantly retention.
  • Learn about retention and how to build high repeats and LTV


  • Place an order on your favorite website and come back with all issues as well as positives from an ordering perspective/build your own repeat customer flow
Week 7
What You Will Learn
  • This is the backbone of any organization. Doing it right from day one will improve customer experience, inventory management and improve your bottom line. While it may be a tedious process, setting up daily and weekly reporting and SOPs is key
  • Learn about the entire ecommerce backend so you are ready to go with Ops


  • out your current ops flowchart from order receipt to delivery and identify the gaps basis learnings Build out your current ops flowchart from order receipt to delivery and identify the gaps basis learnings
Week 8
  • Now that you have all the basics you need to get your D2C brand rolling, get the fuel to super charge your D2C brand. Learn about building high power teams and a strong culture inside the organization that will help you literally ‘hyperscale’ from 1 to 100!
  • Build the right culture and fuel for serious scale


  • 100 – day plan taking into account each of the modules


Who is this program for?

OR anyone who aspires to Enter D2C Space

How does the mentorship program works

The Mentorship programs offer deep dives into the most in-demand skills over a longer period. They go beyond the classroom with peer engagement and projects to boost outcomes.

Access to On-demand content to watch at your own pace

Get your doubts cleared by experts in Live Q&A sessions

Learn faster with a vibrant Online community

Meet Your Trainer

Arjun Vaidya
Ex-CEO of Dr.Vaidya's, Angel & Venture Investor at Verlinvest

I am Arjun Vaidya. I am the Ex-CEO of Dr. Vaidya’s, an Angel Investor, and a Venture Investor at Verlinest. In the last 4 years, I built a really successful D2C Brand Dr. Vaidya absolutely from ground 0, made it India’s largest Ayurveda brand, and last year it got acquired for 100 crores making it one of India’s first successful D2C exists.

Trisha Rajani Vaidya
Ex-COO of Dr.Vaidya's, Angel Investor, Advisor at GlobalBees

I am Trisha Vaidya. I am the Ex-COO at Dr. Vaidya’s. In 2017 I joined Dr. Vaidya to change the way people looked at Ayurveda and then I scaled it to 100 crores D2C brand which also got me featured in Forbes 30U30 and the company got many more awards like that. Now, I am also an active angel investor, a mentor for startups, and an advisor to GlobalBees and multiple D2C Startups.

Yes you will be certified with this program

Yes! You will be certified for this program once you submit your assignment.

  • Official and Verified

    Receive an instructor signed certificate with institution’s logo to verify your achievements and increase your job prospects.

  • Easily Shareable

    Add the certificate to your CV or your resume or post it directly on Linkedin. You can even post it on Instagram and Twitter.

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Community-led learning is the future

Build relationships beyond networks

Work with motivated peers having fresh out-of-the-box thinking and showing you new ways to do things.

Live events to engage in

Participate in live Q&As, debates, hackathons, and other healthy contests to drive home the learning.

Find freelance & job opportunities

Become a part of an ecosystem where members help access opportunities for jobs and freelance projects.


When does the mentorship program start?

You can find the date of the mentorship program at the top of this page.

Is this a completely live program?

No. This is a hybrid of on-demand content and live sessions. Every week you will get access to on-demand content. And you can get all your doubts and queries answered in the QnA sessions.

Do I have lifetime access to the content?

You will have access to the content for 1 year.

I have a jam-packed schedule and I am not sure if I can make it, what do you suggest?

You will have access to the on-demand content to watch whenever you want. You will only need to get into the live sessions but even if you can’t make it, we provide all the recordings. So, mostly we expect you to put in 3-4 hours a week to complete the program successfully.

Would there be a certificate of completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after you complete the entire program and all the projects.