Growth School’s Speak to Influence Program is Instrumental in building me as an Eminent Public Speaker!!!.

By Yashendra Mishra September 4, 2021

“The first time you say something, it’s heard; the second time, it’s recognized; the third time, it’s learned.” – John Maxwell”


Hello, My Name is Yashendra Mishra, I am a Growthpreneur and have been helping and mentoring young & budding entrepreneurs to take their business from local to global through start-up growth strategies.

I have been into Public Speaking for the last few years but I felt sometimes I go off track and make the audience feel disconnected. In the journey, I have been following Raj Shamani and that made me more confident and I was looking for an opportunity to understand and get guidance directly and Growth School has been instrumental in making this possible through the “Speak to Influence Program (SIP)”

Since the time the course got started, every module has been an eye-opener.

My Personal favorites are-

  • 5 ways to build a conversation from One Word
  • Dealing with Awkward situations
  • Closing the conversation
  • How to avoid fillers
  • Legends leave a line
  • Questions that make them think
  • You need the courage to influence
  • Ask for your money
  • End with a Boom

The biggest USP of the course is that it’s natural and unscripted and that’s what makes you feel connected and structure yourself and present confidently. The entire 4 weeks have been so exciting that I still sometimes go and watch them again.

Overall, I got to learn how to be more confident and connected with the audience and leave them with a “WOW” effect.


The learning from the course has been so powerful that I have been able to kick start my content creation journey.


I got my click and was able to find out my micro-niche and today while I speak I am creating content around self-development, growth, and fitness. I have taken the following actions in order to achieve-

  • Analyzed my Market and finalized my Micro Niche (Start today)
  • Started creating content around my niche (One life, One pause, One word )
  • Started connecting with anyone and everyone with a meaningful start (Break the Ice)
  • Started hosting community events and participating proactively in order to increase my voice time and got much better in presenting my thoughts
  • Started creating an impact through knowledge sharing.

The community is a Gold mine of talents and diversity where people from different age groups and backgrounds come together and learn from each other. I have never ever seen such a dynamic and enthusiastic community. Kudos to Growth School Team.


Few Tips & Actions:

  • Don’t just be a participant, become an action taker
  • The more you interact the better you become as a Public Speaker
  • There is nothing right or wrong what matters on how people relate to it
  • Pick one word and revolve your content around it
  • Remove the fear of speaking by coming in the front



  • 1K+ Instagram followers
  • 12K + Followers on LinkedIn
  • Speaking Journey got a direction and in the next 3 Months speaking In 9 Locations.


Overall, today I am a full-time Growthpreneur and helping individuals to build and scale their businesses and Growth School’s Speak to Influence Program is Instrumental in building me as an Eminent Public Speaker!!!. One on One Interaction within the community has helped me to achieve my most important goal of life which is to “Help others to find a reason to smile”

A Big Thank You to Growth School & Raj Shamani. 🙂