This program has helped to break that resistance to approach new people.

By Medhabini Mishra September 4, 2021

I am Medhabini Mishra from Odisha and currently, I am working as a preschool teacher.

So talking about my speaking skills I think I was scared of answering in my class even if I knew the answer. I  had hardly participated in any debate competitions in school and college. Whenever I participated I failed miserably. Somewhere in my mind, I wanted to grow my speaking skills. But never got the chance or the right direction. Then I started watching videos of different speakers. I admired a few of them. But couldn’t figure out how to improve me. I also attended a 1-day public speaking workshop by some other coach but after that again I found myself on Day Zero

It was just that I was scared of unknown people and speaking in the crowd and being in a situation where the spotlight is on me. After a while, I thought its impossible for me to grow my skills, and maybe Public Speaking was not for me. So i left this thing & got busy with my studies and job.

One day I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw the ad for the SIP workshop by Raj Shamani. It was a quite long time when I started following Raj. I really admired his videos & like the way he speaks in all his content. So without any second thought, I opted for the workshop.

When I attended that workshop I was expecting some motivational kind of thing only. But the workshop was superb. He shared his life journey. he shared how he started. He shared that he was never that kind of person who was so confident and outspoken. But he tried and now he is in that position where people like me are getting inspired and admired him. He also said that public speaking or communication is a learnable skill. He shared so many hacks and tools on how he prepares his speeches, how can we grab the audience’s attention, how can we retain that attention, how to create content and so many things. I was totally blown away with the workshop so when the course was announced I bought it within the very first minute.

But back in my mind, i was still wondering that will I ever be able to deliver a speech that can influence people because of all my previous experiences. In the workshop, Raj mentioned about few assignments that we have to finish. Literally I was so scared of that. In my mind it was impossible for me to be a good speaker.

After the enrolment, I got access to the Speak To Influence Program discord community.  Here we are so many like-minded people who want to learn and improve their speaking skills. Again, I felt clueless about what to do. Then few members of this community decided to have a meet-up over voice chat.

 I remember, on that day I was asked to unmute and introduce myself and I was literally shivering. I took a step and spoke anyhow. Then few of us started joining these voice chats almost daily.

When we got access to the course I watched the first video and Raj and he started it by calling it a ‘Day 0 – Exactly where i was’

Then we got new videos every week. And the content he shared is amazing. The very first thing he asked us to do is to reach out to one person every day. Applying this one thing has helped me so much to break that resistance to talk to new people.

In the course videos Raj has explained few things as mentioned below:

  • How can we start and continue the conversation with a stranger?
  • How can we deal with awkward situations?
  • How to deal with the fear of speaking?
  • How to close the conversation?
  • The power of listening
  • Voice modulation and so many important topics that one would need to have a powerful communication.

But here’s the magic. We have an amazing community where we got so many opportunity to implement all the learnings from the content.

In the beginning we started joining voice chats daily and started practicing our skills. There were so many stranger whom we were talking. But everyone was with a similar mindset of growth.

There are so many activities planned by the team of Growth School like:

  • Ice breaker sessions
  • Debates competitions
  • Open mic

We also have few dedicated days of the week where we get to improvise our speaking skills in different themes (i.e Tuesday Table topics, Financial Fridays & Story Saturdays)

After spending 2 months with the videos and in the SIP community i have grown so much. It was the journey of being scared to unmute myself to being the most active person who is up for hosting sessions. Raj has told that after this course we’ll grow by 10x. I didn’t believe him at that time. I thought if i could speak few lines in front of people that would be enough for me. But the changes and growth I can see in myself is unbelievable for me. I am still learning and i hope many more wonders are on the way.

I am very much grateful that i am a part of Speak To Influence Program, it has already helped me to grow alot. All thanks to Raj Shamani and Growth School.