This program has helped extensively to bring out the designer in me

By Parampreet Singh August 8, 2021

Case Study: My UX journey from a beginner to a rookie

Hi there, I know, we just met a while ago through my 48-hour hackathon case study.😅 Before this, I did two more projects. But, throughout this journey, I felt that I never did give a proper introduction about myself and how I landed over here.

Who am I?


Let me start with my introduction first😁. I am just a simpleton fellow known to my friends by the name of Parampreet Singh. I am a working professional designated as a Mechanical Designer in a local firm based in Mohali, Punjab.


Adding another feather to my qualifications, I am also soon-to-be a Master of Design candidate at The University of Sydney, Australia. Sounds exciting, right!😎 Boasting about my hobbies, I like to play Video Games (PC version) 🎮 and I am kind of a melophile🎼. Also, in my free time, I like to create concepts of cars and bikes. Interested to see my works? Check out my Behance!

Crashing into UX


During the infamous lockdown, I got bored and grew tired of my WFH lifestyle as there was nothing to do except work😪 (Well, leave Netflix, Video Games and Social Media aside😅). One fine day, I was just endlessly scrolling down on Instagram and that’s where I stumbled upon an ad🤨. 

The ad featured Anudeep Ayyagari, in a colorful area and a rock band type of music powering the background. Then, I saw the ad.🧐 Now, you must be wondering, so what?

Hmm, right. 

Well, this is where I started listening attentively. The way he spoke about the UX and what the UX Kickstarter Workshop has to offer, the ad immediately caught my attention.😮 I quickly ran into the website to see the contents, the workshop has to offer and I was amazed by the learnings and bonuses they had to offer. So, I quickly signed up for this and waited patiently for the day the workshop will happen🤗. And the day finally came.

A new Odyssey🌞


Yeah, I was like this. Throw anything at me and I will ace it (That was my attitude only😂). I successfully managed to attend the workshop and I must say that I was impressed by his unlearning techniques and no-jargon explanation about the basic stuff.😁

Let me tell you the main highlights of the workshop:

    1. A live session which will encourage you to learn.


    1. A full hands-on session to help you understand the basics of UX and help you out on Figma through a drill exercise.


    1. You got to work on a Mini Project, which definitely expands your horizon of UX knowledge.


    1. Whatever you learn, you simultaneously implement it in practicality also.


    1. Lots of bonuses at the end of the workshop.


    1. Creating an animated prototype and see it work on mobile also.


And how can I forget, the most important thing from the workshop, be a S4L (Student for Life)! 😎


On the onset of completion of the workshop, there came a moment.

This was the moment when Vaibhav Sisinty dropped by. He told us about the ultimate UX program and swapped the stage!😮 

The structure of contents he mentioned and by the way he told us about the program, I couldn’t stop thinking but to get enrolled in the program and keep on continuing this journey ahead😆.

Time flies⌚


Hmm, the time indeed has flown very quickly. The day I started, I was just a blank canvas who knew nothing😶. But now, I have come far ahead from that stage.😎 Now, I have lots of basic information which I got from my mentor (Anudeep Ayyagari, in case you are wondering). 

The amount of sessions, structured modules and the teachings which I got, has brought a lot of confidence in me😃. 

The mentoring and guidance on the projects I did really helped me to understand what the users want and how to solve their problems which they don’t know they are really facing in their life.

Also, the peer-to-peer interactions have benefited me the most. There were so many people who wanted to learn and being a part of this lively community, I am glad that I made a right choice to join the program😍. Enough praising, let me show you what I have achieved so far.

What I have done so far?


After the learnings (I still am continuing the program), it was time to implement them and work on some serious business problems. 

So far, I have done three projects which extensively brings out the best in you☺.

The following are the projects which I have done so far:

    1. Design Thinking Project


    1. Research Mini Project


    1. 48-hour hackathon Project


Out of these three, let me show you one example and it will surely make you understand what I have achieved.

Research Mini Project


This was the second project which I did during my program. This project mainly dealt with a business problem which needed to be solved. But there was a catch, the solution was to be done through the path of research!

Yeah, the business problem which I got was:

With the Pandemic and the Lockdown, there has been an increase in audience watching shows and movies on OTT platforms. People tend to get very confused with the large number of options available. An OTT app wants to make it easier for people to decide what to watch.

This was something which I had to find a solution for. With guidance from the workbooks, modules and my mentor, I did everything step-by-step to reach to a solution.

Through this project, I came to know about a lot of things such as how to conduct a research, how to analyze the research, how to differentiate the problems and challenges the users are facing and then finding a solution through wireframes and UI designs. 

Let me show you a glimpse of the steps I did. Fasten your seatbelts!

Here it comes

Step 1- Form some questions from the statement you understood and then answer them (for the time being😅)


Questions from the problem statement and their answers

Step 2- Do some desk research (Secondary Research)📕📗📘📚


From Internet, I mean😂

Step 3- Identify users from the desk research

Identified user set from the desk research

Step 4- Recruit target users through a screener form


Become an HR now!

Insights from the user responses through screener form

Step 5- Do Primary Research (Conduct User Interviews) and gather insights


This is also a part of your job as HR🤣

Insights from user interviews

Step 6- Analyze data🧐


At first, we classify the data to form user groups and then create some personalities, along with their behavior and character traits. (Empathy Maps & User Personas)

User Groups

Empathy Maps

User Personas

Step 7- Identify the key challenges and frustrations of the users


Challenges and Frustrations of the users

Step 8- Combine these challenges with the original problem statement


This is the stage where you rephrase the challenges to form questions and you narrow down the problem statement. (How Might We Questions (HMW))

How Might We Questions (HMW)

Step 9- Create wireframes and get it peer tested

Initial wireframes

Feedback from peers

Final Wireframes after peer testing

Step 10- Design UI screens! (Your first prototype)😎


Home screen of the app: This is the main screen facilitating titles and previews. By clicking on left-top corner, you will find menu, clicking on which you will be directed to the left of the main screen. By clicking on right-bottom corner, you will find profile, clicking on which you will be directed to the right of the main screen.

Filter option to narrow down the search: The extreme left screen is the search screen which facilitates a filter option. By clicking on the filter option, we arrive at the filter screen. Proceeding the 2nd screen are the filter screens showing different categories selected and along with them the option which they have. For this example, I had already selected some options to get a final result.

Search result screen: On the left side, these are some search results which will be displayed if you use the filter. On arriving on the results, I selected the very first title. On its selection, the middle screen appeared with all the information. By clicking on IMDb, you will be redirected to the right sided screen, depicting all the information related to the film.

Step 11: Get your UI screens tested and receive feedback from the users🤗


Feedback from the users

Step 12: Implement the feedback and modify your prototype🛠


Let me show you before and after screens

The left of the thick line is the before screens and the right of the thick line is the after screens.


And, add more features to the screens according to the feedback

There you go!😎


This is the fantastic journey, I was talking about folks. I learned a lot (and still learning😁) in the workshops. Every moment I spent was amazing and it is also an amazing opportunity for introvert people like me to engage with the others and learn from them also.


I believe to be a successful designer, you need to understand others perspectives, what they feel, what are the problems they face and what as a designer you can do to solve or at least ease their problems🥰. I personally feel that I developed a lot in this workshop and it kind of acted as a savior, given the boring routine and lifestyle mentioned earlier (Again, leave Netflix, Video Games and Social Media aside😅).

The End


No, no. We will surely meet again😀. 

After all, this was only my introduction and what I have achieved so far. 

I thought you have read my case studies (by the way, I highly appreciate!), but I never properly introduce myself. Now amigos, you know who I am.😉

I hope you enjoyed my journey.

Thank you for your patience and time. Till we meet again, bye👋.