The First-Week’s project itself helped finish an internship task and impress folks out there.

By Srikrishna Jarugubilli September 4, 2021

I wouldn’t call it a “mentorship” as much as I would call it a community, as the people involved as well as the admin team connects with each student on a personal level. 

That being said, yes, this is an action-oriented learning program that deals with the infinitely deep topic of growth hacking. And YES, this program will give you “New insane growth strategies every day” and much more. 

After this Program your perspective & the way you look at brands and their growth strategies will completely change 

The First-week assignment itself helped me to complete an internship task and impress folks out there.

And then things went really well with the learnings of renaming weeks 

This is how I was introduced to the team out there.

Hey Everyone My Name is Sri Krishna Jarugubilli, 

I am a Computer science Engineering final year student and a freelancer.

It all got started in the month of March 2021 and I am high on Excitement about the upcoming 8-week journey.

We were introduced to the upcoming 8 weeks journey in our welcome call and we were divided into a team of 4 members.

Things started going crazy till then.


How did I come across the course?

The first time I got to know about Vaibhav is by his josh talk. I have watched it multiple times and liked it a lot, since then I started stalking him everywhere on all social media platforms.


After a few months, the lockdown started & I came across an ad about LinkedIn 5 day workshop and joined it, after that, i became part of Linkedin mastery.


We have Q&A calls twice every month and in one such call, Vaibhav told me he is planning to start a growth marketing mentorship and since then I am curiously waiting for it.


And it finally started.


The day when we were introduced to the program Vaibhav told us that the way we think about Growth hacking and the way we speak about it will completely change after this program and it did happen that all those complex jargon has become very Easy & Understandable.


My learnings from the Growth Hacking program


This is an 8 Week Action-oriented Mentorship with access to a top-tier community full of brilliant minds…  from the industry & an interesting assignment to apply our learnings at the end of the week.

We used to have many late-night conversations, the community used to be active almost all the time.

  • The mentorship starts from understanding Growth Hacking Fundamentals
  • Mapping Pirate funnel for businesses
  • Competitor analysis
  • I myself was blown away by how easily complicated jargon became because of the brilliance of the Vaibhav and how fast you could start seeing amazing results 


The most interesting things begin from week 2:


  • Building a landing page has been simplified with tools available in the market
  • But it’s all about how converting & perfect our landing page is.
  • Learning how to build a landing page that converts
  • Optimizing & testing the landing page.
  • Analyzing landing page traffic using  various analytics tools
  • Personalizing landing page at scale
  • New user Acquisition 
  • Emails are not just sending and receiving an email there is a lot of techs involved in emailing and we will go through all those aspects
  • Hunting for Emails, Cold emailing, product Analytics 
  • The most Exciting Engineered marketing and many more learnings


Seems complex right but not at all.

There is no such deep intense course on the planet like this.




This mentorship is not just about learning things. At the end of each week, we have the assignment to implement our learnings.

The first week itself gave me a huge boost as my assignment got featured as top 5 in week 1 itself.

Taking these Assignments serious will bring massive results, 

We also had the first-ever Virtual Growth Hacking Hackathon which was held for 24hrs in week 3 and we had great fun with our team. While completing the Hackathon we became great friends and worked together.


Guess what we won that Hackathon



And the learnings continued and we had one more hackathon after 8 weeks and this time it was held for 48 hours.


😁😁Our Team won this one too

Here is a shot from the announcement call.

Tips to get the most out of this mentorship:

  • Be active in the community
  • Take assignments seriously
  • Be committed to the program
  • Implement every learning
  • Share new learnings with the community
  • Make new friends

After knowing the structure of the mentorship it generally feels overwhelming and one might have doubts about what can make it.


But things become very very simple after every week.

Just by making a few changes to my 1st-week assignment and applying that learning, I was able to impress people for an internship.

This program gave me enough confidence to apply for new internships and I am currently waiting for a response from my dream company.

Not just mentorship and community apart from learnings 

A lot of interesting full-time opportunities, internship opportunities will be shared in the community

The knowledge you gain from this program is extremely valuable and exclusive. Also, it’s not just about the mentorship and community – there are many other things that will help you in the process of growing your business. From full-time career opportunities to internship opportunities, you’ll learn about them all in this incredible Mentorship!