Raj taught me how to deal with awkward situations

By Shubham Senkiya September 1, 2021

Let me begin by introducing myself. My parents got me a very nice name, Shubham Senkiya, in the hopes that I would be lucky all of the time. I am pursuing my B-tech engineering degree, like the majority of people in our country, and am currently in my final year.


 In addition, I am a great believer in continuing to learn new things. I like a variety of activities as a hobby, including reading books, working out (but only with one of my best friends as a companion), and playing video games, which I have done since childhood. In my spare time, I enjoy sketching, doodling, photoshop, and designing logos.


Landing on Public Speaking & Communication program

From my childhood, I was so pampered by my parents and become that shy and introverted kid who didn’t know how to deal with people, never raised my hand in the classroom not even getting involved that much in group activities in college. So thanks to lockdown, I got time ( we all got time with ourselves). So I decided, hmmm why not I just overcome this one big fear of talking in front of people.

 What is that one major phobia that practically everyone in the world (three out of four individuals) is afraid of? It turned out to be Public Speaking.

So I reasoned, what if I overcame this one major fear (hmmm) and so get beyond the 74 percent of people in the world who are more afraid of speaking in public than of dying? I’d been following Raj Shamani for quite some time when I came across a Facebook ad for Growth School that featured Raj Shamani himself. As a result, I became enthralled and began reading it right away.


I discovered that everything I needed was included in a single container. Communication and public communications skills. I was following Raj and was familiar with his backstory and difficult beginnings. And then I found out that he is hosting a workshop on public speaking, where he will teach us how to present our own speech using various methods, strategies, and practical steps. (Learn from the best and be the best!!) I became enthralled.


So I attended the Workshop and  I was shocked! The way he explained and provided so much useful information and practical advice on how to construct our own drills. It was completely mind-blowing, amazing, and one-of-a-kind. Because Raj Shamani radiates a lot of energy in the way he speaks and gives a positive impact on us.


Some of the Very Unique highlights of the workshop  I have learned from Raj Shamani goes like this:


  • Public Speaking doesn’t only mean speaking on stage if you speak in front of more than one person. It’s Public speaking.


  • Start Reaching out One person a day every Goddamn day ( His golden rule)


  • Always do what others are not doing while giving a speech. Start with a Bang! To cut the monotony.


  • Always KISS the Audience.


  • We are not Scared of Public Speaking but we Lack Preparation, So nothing will happen unless and until we are not prepared.


Then they informed us, “This is just a peek, and what if?” You’ll learn how to stand out from the crowd, strike up a conversation with anybody, anywhere, at any time, and deliver your message in a way that makes an impact. At that moment, I sensed that something significant was going to happen. After that, we learned about SIP ( Speak to Influence Program). Where we will get access to Raj’s creation!! SIP course by Raj Shamani himself (I became even more enthralled.) So I bought the course, and I immediately have a feeling that it will be useful.


After enrolling in the Speak to Influence Program. Everything began to shift slowly and spontaneously. First, I gained direct access to one of the best communities (SIP and growth school) of the right kind of people, a judgment-free zone where everyone is on a path to becoming a great communicator or public speaker. Also, I got access to the Public Speaking and Communication Course made by Raj. We started getting videos every day and after video activities which I needed to do.


What have I learned?

So, we obtained course videos and practical exercises, drills, and strategies on how to start a conversation, strengthen it, close it, deal with unpleasant situations, and much more on how to overcome your fear of public speaking and develop and deliver a speech.

Every day, I began learning and improving by one percent. (It’s still improving, and I’m confident it’ll compound in a few months or a year.) But, after joining SIP and participating in several community activities such as debate competitions, open mics, table topics, games, and ice breaker sessions (which are all great ways to meet new people, make friends, and play games together), I developed a much more self-assured and optimistic outlook on situations and how to deal with them.


I had also competed in a debate competition for the first time. For the first time, I was nervous. But when I acquired new acquaintances and formed a team, everything changed. One of our teammates was extremely motivating and encouraged me to believe in myself, so I took the first step in debating. We all get ready. I was nervous at first, but I pushed myself by putting my foot on the fear paddle. I began to be much more open about myself, and I began to converse with and learn about others. (We also won the debate competition.)

One of the most valuable lessons I took away from the SIP course was how to deal with awkward situations. By breaking the conversation into three parts:

1. Problem

2. Desire Outcome

3. How I want to respond to it.


And I used this in many situations by practicing. ( Still, I am) and getting the best out of that situation in an easy way.


As Raj said that Our success in Public speaking Careers is directly proportional to the kind of people we meet and the opportunities we hunt down. So I keep connecting with new people and also getting clarity of what I need to improve on. Such a supportive community it is and all of us together was learning from the course itself and practicing every week, something new. Right now I am still Improving and learning, never gonna leave this Learning attitude. Mindset shift and got new perspective by surrounding with Right kind of People. 


I’m thrilled to be a part of the Speak to Influence group, this has made a real impact in my life. Major thanks to Growth School, and a special thank you to Raj Shamani, the person I really admire and who has provided me with so much value, information, and insight on improving my communication skills and public speaking. Who helped me believe that no matter where I come from or what I do, I should never stop believing in myself and that I can be successful.