The programs have helped me get 2 jobs with a much better profile than I have aspired to.

By Shubhashree Soubhagya Rashmi September 4, 2021

Learning is incomplete without execution !! (Keep reading to know why this is so important)


Let’s start by introducing myself. I am Shubhashree Soubhagya Rashmi, currently working as campaign manager, and at my official now-working hours, I like to learn about new marketing concepts and execute them in my work, personal projects.

Apart from marketing I genuinely believe learning is a continuous process and one should try invading unknown waters with right knowledge and mentor in place to make the journey worthwhile.

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How did I come across such an enriching program: 

And in the quest for learning and growing, trying to switch jobs in a better role, I came across the ad by Vaibhav Sisinty, about his action-oriented 5-Day LinkedIn Workshop on how to utilize LinkedIn for switching jobs and leveraging for a personal brand. Unlike other courses, it was not packed with a product demo and a sales pitch. Rather it was action-oriented which has helped me garner views on my profile with the correct execution.

The effectiveness of the 5-day workshop had already intrigued me about the values I would be receiving from the 8 weeks mastery course

With the 8 weeks mastery course, I was introduced to the cohort, where I got to know about Growth hacking and performance marketing workshops. These workshops have given me much clarity on different aspects of marketing, doing performance marketing, understanding growth with your initiatives, different types of attribution models, and better ways of understanding customers and competitors.

Till this time I was still working on my LinkedIn and trying for a better marketing profile.
I planned on taking these courses and hone my skills and would have a better chance at the job I am looking for. 

But even before my course has started, the learnings I have received in these 3 workshops have helped me get 2 jobs with a much better profile than I have aspired to.

The workshop itself has so many values and has already proven a great decision. I was now eagerly awaiting for the courses to begin. And then I was part of the growth Hacking Cohort 1 which started with a BOOM !!!


Program Structure and my learnings :

My learning for the 8 Week Camp begins. We were introduced to a super active community with super awesome, inquisitive, and Brilliant minds up for the discussion and brainstorming on any new problem statement. 

The community was and to date super active, with solutions being sought, and a plethora of solutions at your disposal from the cohort members.

We were also tagged to a team for team assignments which was again a wonderful experience (read to know why?).


  • You get to learn Growth Hacking Fundamentals
  • Mapping Pirate funnel for businesses
  • Competitor analysis
  • Finding North Star Metric. 


Do not be overwhelmed by this jargon, as said by our mentor Vaibhav and trust me once the concept is understood all these are just other words in your daily life.

And it still amazes me that these are not something which you learn from textbooks or any college lectures.

We also dabbled around the “Landing Page” and how to get it up and running as well-performing. I also learned about Optimizing and testing the landing page !.
Yes, there are multiple tests: Headline Test, Heatmap Test, 5 minutes test.

All these to give us an idea, are our end goals being fulfilled by our created LP. 

Then we move to the analytics part, and how to personalize the Landing page, perform A/B tests.

Art of cold emailing is something I am pretty sure will blow your mind as well, as it had done our complete cohort’s. 

But these are just the learnings, and as I have said Learning without timely execution is not going to serve the purpose.


Implementing what I Have Learned:


As Vaibhav clearly says, execution will make a difference, and so does this program makes us do. With the completion of each week’s learning, we had assignments to do and submit and patiently wait for the peer review. (Review from your fellow Cohort)

Trust me it’s super exciting when you try to understand a different point of view, in which the assignment is being evaluated. It’s learning in itself. 

Growth Hacking Hackathon was one of its kind which had left me and my team super excited. The format is to give a deliverable for the problem statement within 24-48 hrs with the learnings you had in the mastery. 

We had 2 hackathons, and My team won both !!

Working with a team, when every person is from a different background, becomes all the way more exciting.

Meet My Team. (Snapshot from the announcement Call)


Key takeaways for me :

Learning and Execution goes together

Community-based learning is much more effective than being in a silo

For a course to do wonders for you: Learn, Research your bit, and take assignments seriously.

It might make you feel overwhelmed with the boot camp structure, but this is what makes it effective, along with our incredible mentor, Super active cohort, and gazillions guest sessions, with value bombs assured in each one of them. 

As already mentioned the learning from the workshop itself has helped me make a great switch with an incredible profile to learn.

It has widened my horizon of seeing the marketing and growth hacking with new lights and dimensions, and my zeal to keep experimenting with every new project I take up in my life.