Stereotypical shy girl next door? Yes that’s me or at least used to be me but Not Anymore.

By Sagarika Agarwal September 6, 2021
 Hi, I am Sagarika Agarwal, a student, an entrepreneur, writer, vivid reader, and a budding stock market analyst. I am a person who believes that it’s never too late, for anything in life, you just need to take the first step.

And here’s my list of skills:

  • Debating Skills – ✔
  • Extempore- ✔
  • Public Speaking- ✔
  • Speech – ✔
  • Interacting with other people – ‼ [Error 404, Skill Not Found]
Ironic isn’t it? Aspire to achieve and inspire before you expire, something I have recently started adhering to. Good communication is the key to everything and I aspired to become better at it than I was yesterday. I aspired and embarked on the journey and now I am here to inspire, If I can do it you can do it too..
Have you ever reached a point in your life when you realized this needs to change? This was that turning point for me. Sabse bada rog , kya kahenge log . Yes, this is what I used to suffer with and no doctor could help me out with this so the next alternative, I took matters into my own hands.
I was never good with socializing with people and putting across my viewpoints in any conversation. I tried to open up more, talk to new people and Express myself more but it never worked because every time I faced new people or had to socialize with them I used to clam up. awkwardness at its best.
I was always inspired by Raj and I very closely followed his journey. So one fine day he said he will be doing a workshop on public speaking and how to influence people and I grasped the opportunity to learn from him and l registered for the workshop. Since then I haven’t looked back and it’s one of the wisest decisions I ever made.
This workshop by Raj was like a missing piece to a puzzle and I knew what is to be done. My key takeaway was public speaking is not just addressing people by giving a speech but interacting with them and I have finally learned the art of such a pivotal skill public speaking in its true essence.
All of us have heard at some point or the other in our lives that Theoretical knowledge isn’t going to make it, practical implementation matters the most. Well, this is the stage, the platform where you get a plethora of opportunities not only for the implementation of your learnings, tips, bonuses, and hacks but also to showcase and enhance your skills.
The public speaking workshop was just the tip of the iceberg of this wonderful program that taught me a lot and changed my perspective, to state a few would be
  • Modern-day monk v/s Modern-day monkey
  • The odd number Framework
  • How to command attention
  • Signature appearance and gesture
  • The network is the net worth
  • Kiss the audience

Attend the workshop, and find out for yourself! You won’t regret it.

Speak to influence program is like a treasure box, you come here for one thing but end up taking a lot of other things with you.

Day 0: The night before your day 1. Let me simplify it for you, the day before you want to start work out or the day before your next presentation is your preparation time. It’s day 0, it’s equally important as day 1.
Break the ice: Start the conversation.
Approaching people is never easy, not only do you need to be confident and comfortable in your own space but giving that to other people is equally important.
  • Scan the audience before your start addressing them
  • Spot people who are open to talk
  • Intention
  • Active approacher
  • Open-ended vs close-ended questions.
  • Lead the conversation
The best part is there are 4 ways to do so, choose what works best for you. Many times people find it easy to break the ice but what next? How do I take the conversation ahead? Here are some pointers from Raj that helped me a lot to build upon a conversation. How to ask people the right question? Finding it hard to talk and take the conversation ahead?
All you need to do is play: Name Place Activity Thing.
  • Ask them their name
  • About a place they want to visit or their last vacation
  • Any activity they love to do
  • Things they are passionate about.
  • Find out the que buttons
  • Find out common interests
  • And ask questions from their answers.

Dealing with awkward situations? We all get stuck in awkward situations and it becomes really important to think before you actually respond because you don’t want to make it more awkward.

Here’s what you can do.






Life will give you plenty of opportunities and how do we need to prepare for them?

Following the concept of 3 C’s has really helped me out, and what it means is Content, Context & Contribution.

The program had a lot to offer me, I completed it and I am still in the implementation phase of it because every time I go through it, I find something new that I missed before.

Things that I have implemented are as follows:

  • I always prepare before any big event or a day using the 3 C strategy
  • I have started increasing my net worth by building up my network.
  • I reach out to at least 2 new people every few days, not there completely but I will be.
  • Building a habit to listen to people even more carefully and to show curiosity.
  • I try to think of the outcome first and then respond accordingly.
  • The key opportunity I had was to take a basic online workshop for the first-year students on the importance of financial education and introduction to investing, at ICG
  • Now to convince people and have their attention I use Raj’s tip to HIT them on the right points to turn them on and I’m becoming more confident in socializing with people.
  • Also, using voice modulation and speech improvisation tips and techniques taught, I am able to deliver my content in a very impactful way.
The most amazing thing you will get out of this program is a full-fledged community where you can exchange thoughts, ideas and learn from one another. It is also a platform for self-development, you come out of your shell, form a network; connect with people, and participate in various events organized by the community like Open mic, Debates, Extempore, etc . periodically and by events like Motivational Monday or Table Topics Tuesday, etc. It gets so interesting and addictive that I used to lose track of the time.
These are the USP of the program:
  • Biweekly Q and A with Raj Shamani
  • Lifetime access to community
  • One year access to content
  • Wonderful Wednesday’s with Raj Shamani himself (that’s always a surprise)
To sum up, my major takeaway would be:
  • Take the lead and initiative don’t wait for opportunities or people.
  • Learn to listen because it will help you build a deeper connection.
  • Prepare for the best and in the best way possible, but be ready for uncertainties.
  • Most importantly the FEAR. You are not afraid of speaking but of what people think about you

It’s not just a program but a guide on How to step out of your comfort zone & leave an impact

Signing off now
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