Performance Marketing Workshop Helped Me Get A Job

By Karthik BR August 8, 2021

Hi, I’m Karthik, when I graduated as an engineer from one of the reputed colleges M S Ramaiah, my family and friends were surprised to know that I wanted to be a marketer.

After 2+ years of experience in digital marketing, now they have no more doubts about my decision.

I am doing well as a digital marketer and love what I do.

Since 2019, I have been helping businesses stand out from the crowd with growth hacking and digital marketing.
In this journey of 2 years, I have worked as a Digital Marketing executive & then got promoted as a Head of Digital Marketing at Learning Edge India. Basically, I had all the roles and responsibilities as social media marketer, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, website development, Email Marketing, and getting ROI at whatever I do.

You may be thinking it is great that I know a lot of things. But here is the catch, while doing everything I was not able to become a pro in any one of the domains (SMM, SEO, paid ads, or anything you specify in digital marketing).

At this point in my life, I decided that let me become a pro at one thing I like, and guess what? I love to run google ads & Facebook ads. Not only set up the campaign, but I was able to give 20-30% & sometimes 110% ROAS to the campaigns I have run. So, I began the hunt to become a “Paid Marketer”.

How did I come across the Performance Marketing Workshop?

To be honest, I didn’t know what the term performance marketing meant.

Remember, now I was looking for a job to become a paid marketer. When I started researching a lot about the profile, I came across a lot of content around Google ads, Facebook ads which made me understand that to be a well-paid marketer I need to run profitable campaigns.

One day, I came across an ad on Instagram where Deepan Siddhu (One of my favorite trainers) gives a definition of performance marketing. I don’t remember the exact lines he said but I believe he said “Performance marketing is the art & science of showing up in front of the right person at the right time and it is a process of running profitable campaigns to grow a business”.

He got me when he said profitable campaigns. I just clicked on the ad and went to the landing page to see what’s in store for me. The landing page hooked me with each and every content written there.

As soon as I saw Ex – Neil Patel & Ex-Google. I signed up for the workshop and yet I did not take up the course because I was still skeptical about it.

P.S: I still tried to go to the Growth school website maybe after 10-15 days to check if they have a link to enroll directly. My bad, it wasn’t there and I just stopped giving a thought about it.

How did I Join the Performance Marketing Course?

You might think this is all coincidence. But what I’m going to tell you now might be shocking/surprising. Whatever you guys might think, I believe it all happened for a reason.

Date of workshop: 25th April Batch 1

After attending this awesome workshop held by Deepan Siddhu & Ashwin Palo, I decided that performance marketing is the one where I want to grow my career for the rest of my life.

I updated the same even in my LinkedIn profile ( Also, my title now became “Passionate performance marketer” 😀

In the search of a company as a performance marketer. I received a mail from one of the award-winning global digital market research companies “Borderless Access” for an interview scheduled on June 4th, 2021 as shown in the below image.

I was excited for the interview, as this was my first interview as a performance marketer. Keep an eye on the interview time 😀 It was on June 4th at 3:30 PM

P.S: I had applied to so many companies but never got an opportunity to give an interview for this position.

Now, when I was prepping for the interview, I thought let me just share my thoughts on whatever I have learned during the workshop.

P.S: I had jotted down notes during the workshop.

Even though I had taken note, I wanted to look at the workshop video once again. Thanks to Growth School. They had the recording in their dashboard.

Now the fun begins.

I was checking my email from Growth School for login credentials and there was one email that was unopened which I received on June 3rd.

I thought it was a good sign or maybe growth school showed up at the right time at the right place? I don’t know but what they did as a performance marketer. I wanted to be that. Moreover, I knew I would be learning from the best (Deepan Siddhu & Ashwin Palo).
I immediately enrolled in the course and now I was super excited for the interview.

How did I Crack the interview & get the job I wanted?

1st Round Interview –

It was a technical round for 30 mins with the head of Digital Marketing.
I just shared the roadmap of 16 steps for any performance marketer that I learned from the workshop. Boom. I was selected for the 2nd Round and they had given me the assignment to complete before 8th June.



2nd Round Interview –

With my previous company experience, I could complete this assignment easily. I submitted it on Monday 7th June.
Just to make sure that I stand out, I simply added a bonus, 16 steps for Performance marketing in a notion link along with the greatest of all name Deepan Siddhu & Aswini Palo.

P.S: After sending this mail, I never really thought about whether I will get a reply or not.

3rd Round Interview –

So, it was June 7th and I was waiting for the week 1 content to be released by Growth School.
It got released somewhere around 6 pm and I was excited to read it.
I completed half the videos that particular evening and the next day I get an email saying I was selected for the 3rd round.

The interview was on June 9th and I had all the time to consume the entire 1- week module.

You would have guessed it right. I just shared my knowledge on what I had learned from the week1 module the next day.
That’s it.

I hadn’t got the offer letter yet but I knew right there that I got the job after I finished the interview.
The next day I received the same and I got the job as a “Senior Executive – Performance Marketer”

I still was skeptical if I need to take this job. I was thinking if I could crack this into just one workshop & 1-week module. What’s in store for me if I get to know the entire program.

Lucky me, I got a chance to get a confirmation from the master itself.

Striving to become a quality performance marketer
Now that I have got the job, that doesn’t mean I have to stop learning.
I’ve always wanted to be the best at what I’m doing.

And now I have got the right platform and the right mentor (Deepan Siddhu & Aswini Palo) to excel in my life.

P.S: A great admirer of Deepan Siddhu & Ashwin Palo, Hope I strive to become like you one day.

Cheers to the beautiful journey 😊