My investment in SIP program has been giving good returns

By Darshan Jain September 4, 2021

I am Darshan U. Jain. I am a 1st-year computer science engineering student with a specialization in data

science at Jain University. I am state level chess player, I am a part-time trader in the stock market and in

cryptocurrency. If you never met Charlie Chaplin then meet me, I will make you laugh at any situation.

Instagram ads landed me here to this amazing workshop


I came across this program by Raj Shamani Sir as I used to follow him on Instagram for a few years now and one day

the ad popped up saying that he is conducting a workshop on Public Speaking called Speak to Influence in association  Growth school.

So what, I hopped in for the 2 hrs workshop where he explained his life learnings on public speakings in a 10 steps framework, and the work session continued for 4 hours and at the end, he introduced us to the 4-Week Speak To Influence Program

I liked the content structure, topics and also wanted to learn more, hence I bought into the program (with a lot of bonuses already)


In terms of learnings from the program, the sky is the limit..


I have learned many things from the course but firstly the ice-breaking session which is the first video of

the course.

In this video, he thought about how to start a conversation with a random person. Then he

taught us why listening is important in life. Then he told us how we could start a conversation with

the game, which we used to play in our childhood Name/Place/Animal/Thing, but he changes the game

by Name/Place/Activity/Thing. If you want to know how it works then join the course. Then he thought

about how to build a Conversation from One Word. It is all about the 1 week.


The course is for four weeks in each week we used to get 6 to 9 topics. A

After every week, we had live Q&A sessions with Raj Sir via zoom meeting. Where we used to ask the questions related to the weekly content and raj guided us in every situation

He always mentioned raising our questions to anyone who could help and how we can answer the question if someone asks us to foster the spirit of community.


How did is made use of this is an interesting story


I used to practice daily in discussion voice chat; sorry you people do not know what discussion voice chat

Growth school has gives us access to the lifelong discord community. Where everybody comes daily and starts

a discussion on a specified topic every day.

Like we discuss finance every Friday & host table topics every Tuesday you would know this concept if you are familiar with it Toastmasters.

raj sir taught us to connect with one new person every day and with that growth school gave us a place where we can do exactly that. So in discord community is where everybody joins and shares their knowledge.  The community is so friendly people used to help each other on the topics, which they know. The people of the community also give constant feedback & inputs to help us better our speaking skills.

What I have been able to achieve from the course?

I have been able to achieve self-confidence to speak in front of hundred people. I am able to keep my opinion in between the conversations. I have achieved great knowledge and made many friends in this community and their experiences in life. Their success and failures stories and they gave advice that never do the same mistake, which they have done in the life.

My investment in SIP has been giving good returns and will go on to give dividends for the rest of my life & I am no longer the same person from the day when I enrolled in the program

I am very much thankful to the Growth School and Raj Shamani Sir for the lovely opportunity to join the course and improve my speaking skills. In addition, for the community to which Growth School gave us lifetime access to.