Knowing the right tools saved me ton of time and money

By Rennu Sharma August 8, 2021

My name is Rennu and I help businesses with M&A and IPOs. I have worked in Sales while building own business for 6 yrs. It involved more face-to-face interactions and generating leads by visiting LIVE events.

I had not leveraged LinkedIn for my business yet. And I wanted to learn the right approach and learn from someone who really knows his stuff. There are many in the market who don’t walk the talk.

I had initially found Vaibhav through one of his LinkedIn posts when I was looking to learn more about leveraging LinkedIn for my work. In the 5-day LinkedIn workshop by Vaibhav, I found him very honest and someone who truly walks the talk. He added immense value in those 5-days that it was an obvious decision to go for his LinkedIn Mastery program,


The strategies and tools shared by Vaibhav in the course helped me with –


  1. Learning multiple ways to generate quality leads.

Instead of connecting with business owners by sending cold messages with connection requests and having low acceptance rate, I started focusing on relevant groups where my target audience hang out. This helps me reach out to the right audience who would be the right fit for my services.

For example, here is the approach that worked for me book more appointments with my prospects.

  • (a) I prepare a list of target audience. For Eg: SaaS companies or M&A Consultants
  • (b) Next, I identify the social media groups where these target audient are most likely to hang out.
  • (c) I join the relevant social media groups where I find my target audience.
  • (d) I actively monitor the activity on these groups to identify the right prospects.
  • (e) And lastly, I use LinkedIn to connect with my target audience. Communicating about a common social media group with the prospect has helped get higher responses, especially after they have made a post on the group recently. This helped my grow my network resulting in the growth in the no. of booked calls for initial discovery/ introduction.

To protect the names and contacts details of my prospects, I had to darken the info in below screenshot. This is shared just to indicate the initial reach outs leading to booked calls with the right audience.

  1. Knowing the right tools saved a ton of time and money that I would have burnt in experimenting on my own.

For example: I learnt about Expandi which helped me automate a part of my sales process which saves me a minimum of 2 hrs. each day.


In my line of work, the B2B deals take 6-12 months to close and I am positive I will be closing more deals this year.

Thanks to Vaibhav for bundling his learnings in a course. Without this learning, I would have been wasting time in trial and error. I have started to see results by implementing a tiny percentage from the course and it’s just the beginning, there is a lot more to implement and master.