I’ve finally found the birds of the same feather as mine

By Shubham Davey August 8, 2021

Looking for leads or want to build a personal brand? Linkedin is the ideal platform for that. Many people treat Linkedin as just another social media app in their smartphone that they seldom use sometimes. They’d log in sometimes and check who has got a new job and stuff. That’s like using photoshop to just crop images when you can do so much more on that tool.


Linkedin is highly underrated & underutilized when it comes to generating leads if you’re a business owner or landing your dream job if you’re a job aspirant.


Even I am guilty of doing this. I never used to utilize Linkedin’s professional network that is only growing in numbers and quality of interaction. It was not until early 2020 that I decided to leverage social media to build a personal brand. Linkedin was the first platform I trusted, but since I wasn’t active forever, my profile was garbage. Nothing was in order and I had to clean but had no idea what to clean and what to replace the garbage with.


This post is for those who want to win on Linkedin to either land a dream job or get leads for your business. I have stitched a lot of aspects that has helped me be a part of professional networks that’s full of potential leads. I will share insights, stories & best practices to make Linkedin your career-transforming machine. Let’s dive in.


5 Steps to win on Linkedin

Remember I mentioned above that my profile was as good as garbage. I just had an account that was fit for nothing. No content, no engagement, no interaction, nothing.


Just when I started leveraging the presence of a ready-made audience on social media, I came across Vaibhav’s Linkedin 5 Day workshop where I discovered the exact problem with my profile. That being said, here are the 5 quick fixes to win on Linkedin:

#1 Define an objective

The first hit of my career came from Quora, it’s still the most valuable platform in my entire portfolio. I didn’t have an objective on Quora since I was creating content on default mode. I had little to no control over the audience & hence my growth was stagnant.


Enter the Linkedin Workshop.

The workshop I attended taught me the importance of having an objective for any platform for that matter. The workshop was for Linkedin, but this one thing gave me a perspective for each and every platform that I was active on. Quick hack to help you frame an objective for your Linkedin profile.


“What’s an Objective to you, is an outcome for your target audience.”

Here my objective is to address questions of my target audience regarding Blogging, Branding & Marketing. On the other hand to my target audience, getting their questions answered related to the topics I talk about.


Define exactly what it is that you want to achieve on Linkedin. The objective has to strictly be just one. At least at a time, once you achieve one of the objectives then you can switch to another. The whole course of your execution depends on the objective. Make sure you align the objective with your goals.

#2 Profile Optimization

Your Linkedin profile is nothing short of your resume. That’s where people come to know about your work and decide if they should work with you or not. If your objective is to get a job, the recruiters will decide based on your profile and even if your objective is to get more clients, your profile will speak for you.


The biggest change that I made to my profile is after I attended the workshop. I had a lot of unwanted connections in my profile and I had to remove them as part of cleaning my profile. This reduced my reach and profile visits. Since I wasn’t creating any content and my profile wasn’t worth visiting, the decline was something I’d be okay with.


As part of optimizing my profile here are some steps I did to get more visibility and be more appealing:

  1. Changed my profile picture to something more professional & added a cover photo that summarizes what to expect from me.
  2. The Bio/Headline has to be the CTA as it appears on every post you publish. Make it interesting enough to invite clicks on your profile. Have something readable and then you can add keywords you want to rank for.
  3. About, Description & Experience are your bets to rank for Linkedin Search. Sure, Bio does the job but stuffing keywords there would drive visitors away. Based on your objective, pick a couple of keywords and write an amazing description that not only describes your work but also helps you rank.
  4. The featured section is very crucial for your visitors. That’s where they convert and you get the chance to take the visitor to the next level of your funnel. You can link a portfolio of your work, posts, articles published on Linkedin. This is where they start believing in you.


Upon doing this, I immediately saw results by getting noticed by the right people.

#3 Building a tight connection

Linkedin is all about building new connections, connections of like-minded people. Linkedin search is very powerful to find people that are more likely to be interested in you or your work (based on your objective) and hence finding those people upfront is a crucial step to win on Linkedin. Last time I checked, you can add up to 30,000 connections on Linkedin. So you can handpick the people as connections.

Here’s one thing that you should keep in mind while adding people to your connection. Add only those people who’re most likely to be interested in you, especially if you’re taking the content route. Speaking of content, let’s talk about content creation for any objective on this platform.

I like connecting with people who’re actively creating content and trying to reach their target audience. This helps me connect & help them effectively convert more people for their business. I’m a marketer and this justifies why I connect with people with such skills and work.

#4 Content optimization

Irrespective of what your objectives are, it’s absolutely essential to creating content on Linkedin. The organic reach of Linkedin is extremely rich and if you do it right, you wouldn’t have to spend a dollar on ads just the organic reach can do wonders for you. To explain to you in terms of numbers, there are over 700 million users on Linkedin and not even 3% of users create content regularly, I’m not even talking about the quality of content that gets good engagement. This means reaching more people on Linkedin is a walk in the park if done right. What’s that ‘doing right, that’s the last and most important thing to win on Linkedin.

I create all types of content allowed on Linkedin to please people from all walks of life.

#5 Building a network

Unlike connections, building a network is much more significant and crucial. Because the people in your network will be loyal fans or someone who appreciates your work every single time.

This network of people will not only engage but share your content in their network and if you build relationships close enough, they’d even correct you. This set of people are the ones who you should be looking for. These are the people you should know the most about, dream about them & fantasize about them.

The reason why doing this is so important is because these people will be engaging with your content and you can’t afford to create anything that doesn’t interest them. Creating something that doesn’t interest the audience will result in the post performing poorly in terms of reach and engagement. Once this happens, your upcoming posts will take a hit. That’s the last thing you want if you’re looking to generate leads from the platform.

Mastering Linkedin for lead generation (or any objective for that matter)

The problem doesn’t end with following the 5 steps to win on Linkedin. It’s much more than you can think. The problem begins when you have to really know your audience, reach out to them & build relationships. When you clean your profile and start growing, you will meet obstacles like lack of content ideas, find the right people for your content and network, reaching out to them, and building a relationship strong enough that they engage with your content.

If you don’t already know about the Linkedin Algorithm, every time someone engages with your content, this activity appears in the feeds of the followers of the person who engaged with your content. This doesn’t happen on any other platform (except Twitter).

Here, Mayur Nathani is in my connection and Bhawana Garg isn’t. Since Mayur has engaged with Bhawana’s content (Shreya’s post she shared), it appears in my Linkedin feed. That’s how I discover new people. When people in your connection engage with your content, those who’re not in connection with you, see that content in their feed.

What was missing after fixing my profile?

Upon attending the workshop, I knew what was wrong, I also knew how to fix it but I did not know what would it take to grow after that. What I came to know from the workshop was the initial diagnosis. Growth was something that required further grooming from someone who has mastered the art of growing on Linkedin. Fixing things on my profile was just scratching the surface. I didn’t even begin working towards growth.


I was looking for that missing piece of the puzzle that would complete the big picture and put me on the map of growth. That missing puzzle was a premium program from Vaibhav that goes by the name Linkedin Mastery. Let me talk a bit about the results. This will purely be my observations & opinions as I just have got started with growth.

What changed after taking the course?

If we’re meeting for the first time, you should know that I’ve been blogging since 2011 and I have been fairly lucky enough to generate millions of views online. I have managed to make a living just by writing for my clients since then. I made a full-time career out of blogging but I wanted more from the internet. That more was lacking and I had no idea where to find it and what to replace it with. The workshop already had fixed my direction, it was time to accelerate in the right direction & make up for the years I wasn’t on the right track.


I won’t be able to talk about everything that I have learned from the course, one post is too small for what I discovered. However, I will talk about one strategy that has already produced magical results for me.


So the strategy that has worked for me is outbound marketing. I wasn’t a very big fan of outbound marketing since the beginning of my career. This changed with the course. My business took a hit in early 2021, thanks to covid. But I guess that was a good thing for me, at least now I can say that.


The biggest problem that I faced while running my business was finding leads. I must admit, even after learning from the mastery program, it didn’t click for me. The biggest bone in the neck was the aversion for outbound marketing. I didn’t find it comfortable to reach out to people upfront and talk business with them.


I was forced to reach out to people to save my dying business. Thanks to the strategies I learned from the course I landed one client that is keeping my boat afloat right now.


Let me share the steps that I performed to find that one person out of over 700 million people on Linkedin.


#1 Add relevant people to my network:

Remember I mentioned that you need to add relevant people to your network who are most likely to consume your content? I went all chips in on this step. I had to, I didn’t have a choice. This step is crucial and equally difficult because this requires a lot of brainstorming and decision-making. First, you will need to decide the objective, in my case, it was generating leads. Based on my objective I wanted to be in connection with people who would find my content relevant, let alone engage with it.

There are two types of people I was looking for. One, those who want to learn the skills I have, for the sake of this post, let’s take blogging as an example. The second type of people are those who require the content writing service for their brand.

So I would look for people with “Blogger” & “Students” in their title. Next would obviously be “Founders”, “Co-Founders” etc. These are the people I want to be in connection with on Linkedin. This takes us to the next crucial step. Content!


#2 Create content that resonates with your connections

The content was the biggest change that came on my profile. Even though I was active even before taking up any courses but since my connections weren’t matching my objective, none of my content was relevant to them.

After removing unwanted connections & understanding my objective along with my target audience, the relevance of my content improved exponentially.


The game doesn’t end just by creating content. You can take the engagement to their inbox and start adding them to your inner circle. Their engagement makes them a potential lead right away. Only if the content is crafted to attract the engagement of the potential leads. Speaking of taking the conversation to their inbox, here comes the most crucial part of growing on Linkedin.


#3 Reaching out to people & striking a conversation

You already know, I wasn’t a big fan of outbound marketing. I still had to do it. I owe my business to this act of stepping out of my comfort zone. I found a potential client in this amazing community of Linkedin masters (it’s a part of the program). We have an amazing & highly talkative discord community of Linkedin masters where people genuinely help each other.


I was able to convert a lead as a client when I least expected it to be. One simple message about a dead link on their website landed him as a client.

I’m in touch with a bunch of other potential clients who’re about to convert all that to one small change I made. Outbound marketing that was a bottleneck of my growth is a catalyst of my growth.

Social media isn’t for feeling jealous about how cool other people’s lives are. This is how you use social media. Keep is simple & real.


#4 Growing on steroids

There’s only so much that I can do manually. There are over 700 million people on the platform and tons and tons of value to reap from it. I can’t do it. I have a bias towards B2C and I have a lot of plans to leverage this bias. So I will need to build an audience on Linkedin and that can’t be done actively, I need to delegate repetitive work so that I can focus on more important things. I needed some kind of automation that does the job for me. The course walked me through that as well. While Linkedin is getting very strict with automation, I was introduced to tools that don’t harm my profile while letting me scrape data from Linkedin to process and carry out lead generation campaigns. One of the tools I actively use is TexAu.


TexAu is essentially a marketing automation tool that helps you scrape data from popular social media platforms, one of them being Linkedin. For instance, I can scrape Linkedin search results for the term “Blogger” or “Writer” or “Founder”. These are my potential leads who can be the ideal customer for various products/services I have to offer. Once I have the list, I can automate to connect/follow them, engage with their profile, message them, and whatnot. If you get creative, this one tool will do wonders for your lead generation campaigns.

Future goals

I have enough on my plate to remain busy for the next couple of years. While I’m busy, I’m also working on products for the audience I discover on Linkedin (and find similar audiences on other platforms using the same strategies).


The primary goal is to build a network of engaged users on Linkedin, take the cream audience out of it, and add to the inner circle. Build an email list with organic content, because the money is in the list.


After almost a year of being a part of the Linkedin Master’s community, I can say that I’ve finally found the birds of the same feather as mine & we already folk together on Discord. If you’re just starting out, this course is a must-buy for you. Highly recommended. Just before you go, sneak peek into the community on Discord!