Its a journey full of implementation more than a course

By Saveena Solanki September 4, 2021

My Speak To Influence Journey: SavvywithSavee

 I am Saveena Solanki, a researcher, science communicator, entrepreneur, and founder of BioSolanki.

I am a firm believer that great things happen to those who continue to believe, try, learn, and be grateful.

I finished my 1000+ hour one-on-one counseling students about career growth in the Biotechnology Industry, and because I have to talk to many people every day, I was looking for outstanding books and podcasts or courses to help me enrich my intellect. I am a person who does not ramble things and always focuses on understanding the concept. I enjoy discussing my plan on a single page; my sole goal is to make an impact.

How did I come across the Speak To Influence program?

I am on a journey to improve by 0.1 percent every day by challenging myself and completing challenges with a finisher mindset by taking small steps every day. I was regularly giving one-on-one and speeches to renowned colleges, but I am spending 30 minutes every day polishing my speaking skills because my main job is to make people understand the most difficult research in a simpler way, which leads me to many opportunities.

One day I was scrolling through my Instagram and I saw Raj’s workshop Ad on Instagram and knew exactly what I had to do. Raj stated clearly in his Ad that the ultimate guide to speaking this Ad really nudged me and I read about what exactly they are offering then I registered for Workshop.

As I am aware of the significance of public speaking, a fundamental skill is important in so many aspects of life. Growing your business, advancing your career, and even your relationships with those around you all play a role. This is unquestionably a useful skill to have. So I enrolled and Boom then the real journey started…..

 What did I learn from the Speak To Influence program?

For the Public Speaking workshop, I learned the most practical advice in the 10 steps you must know about public speaking that are mind-blowing. I was able to attend the workshop and his techniques and no-jargon explanation of the fundamentals impressed me.

The highlight of the workshop:

  •   you will get 10 step framework to ace any speaking opportunity
  •   Tones of tools and Bonus
  •  Focus on implementing those tricks and tools in the workshop itself

 That day I learned to be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you are standalone.

The energy and learning were so enjoyable that I did not hesitate for a second to purchase the Speak to Influence Program, which turned out to be the best investment I’ve ever made.

Basically, I learned about short conversations, speaking fundamentals, a long-form of content: Speech, real-world scenarios, and social media.

From Speak to Influence: What I’ve Learned in a Nutshell Context, Content, and Contribution are the most important aspects of speaking


This is not a simple program; it is an implementation journey. If you only watch videos, it won’t make sense. Go out into the world and experiment with those principles, tips, and tricks.


Day 0 – Start reaching out to people (speak up) Reach out to one person; I joined the Speak to Influence Discord community on May 15th.

Can you understand the significance of reaching out to one person per day? Let me make things a little easier for you.

24 June I saw this Day 0 today is 3 September till now I have simply reached 71 new people omg by the end of this year will be 190 you can understand how strong a person network can be if they simply follow the simple rule of reaching out to one person per day you can understand how strong a person network can be if they simply follow the simple rule of reaching out to one person per day

I started my course on June 24th, and since then, I’ve been implementing Day 0 and only Day 0 has had a significant impact on strengthening my network. Also, interactions have benefited me the most.


“Go break It “: Reaching out is the first step, followed by deciding what to say and how to start a conversation with others.

You need to be comfortable in order to make the other person comfortable, and there are some amazing four ways to do that: concentrate on context and pay attention while listening.

  • Start the conversation
  • Establish the Relationship
  • Continue the conversation
  • Strength the conversation
  • End with lasting impact

Cool point In SIP Program there are amazing techniques to follow like Ways to build a conversation from one word is literally wow.


Fundamentals of Speaking

Does the thought of getting on stage to give a speech or presentation frighten you?

Do you feel nervous whenever you are contacted to appear in front of an audience?

Do not overthink it; many people feel the same way too. However, by listening to Raj it seems if we prepared well we can do wonders fundamentals of speaking helps me  to overcome fear


  • How to deal with an awkward situation
  • Killing the fear: start speaking
  • How to be certain: be authoritative and create thinking
  • Preparation is the master key
  • Why would people stay  why someone listens to you: Earn the right,  establish the right
  • Avoid fillers:  instead, take a pause
  • Voice modulation


Long-form of Content (Most interesting stuff): Know What You Are Talking About

If I had to summarize a long-form of content, it would be you, your message, and the audience. Deliver a clear and impactful message. Connect With Your Audience

One of the first things you should do before giving a speech is getting to know your audience. This is critical in determining the mode and tone of your speech’s delivery. Telling relatable stories to your audience fosters a strong bond. You must understand your audience, and their stories and examples must be relatable to them. Snippets of stories interspersed at various points keep the speech interesting. Looking audience members in the eyes gives you a sense of control, which boosts your confidence. Your body language, tone, and voice pitch should radiate confidence and excitement.


  •  Keep it simple: you should be able to summarize yourr entire talk in one word
  • Work on the intro as you need to pull people into the rest of the talk and your conclusion needs to keep you in their minds
  •  Use true stories to connect  talk about difficulties you have overcome or problems you have solved
  • Make memorable moments, locate the points in your talk you want your audience to remember, and work them really stand out.
  •  Be clear with the purpose of speech and know your audience Know your listeners
  • Use your voice for maximum impact; Use your body language and gestures effectively
  •  Leave Impression: (Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity umm I am trying to use Raj trick )
  •  Question to make them think


 Most Practical knowledge: Get Rid of Self-Doubt


Can you possibly sell something you do not believe in? I could see public speaking as a sales pitch. Your audience members are your customers. You must believe in your content or product

  • Believe you are better than you think you are: remember perfect speech don’t exist
  • Call the Action–Seed the Idea- How do you sell?
  • Turn them on
  • End with boom
  • You must have the courage to influence 

What have I done so far?

I completed the entire program and am still implementing the program. I am not only doing better in my professional life, but I am also doing fantastically well in my personal life.

 I had watched each video three or four times; it is not a course, but rather lifelong learning that is assisting in the formation of better habits.

 In the 71 days since starting Speak to Influence, I have gained a lot of experience and implemented a lot of ideas.

 So far, I have implemented learning, which extensively brings out the best in me.

 Step 1: I am reaching out to people. I am more self-assured now that I know how to approach people.

 Step 2: I can talk to anyone by using four different ways to start a conversation, whether they are celebrities or ordinary relatives, strangers, investors, or anyone else.

 Step 3: Now, before reacting, I consider the end result and then respond accordingly, and this simple exercise has had a significant impact on my life.

 Step 4: Getting new Opportunity  like now I am Corporate Advisory Board Member for SRM Institute of Science and Technology 

Step 5: Keynote Speaker Opportunities 


 Step 6:  After completing this course, I am extremely confident in pitching one of my major projects in Israel

 Step7:  Fundamentals of speech is a real gem of this course that shows how to handle awkward situations, active listening. Now  I am not afraid to express my point of view which leads to better personal as well professional relationships.

 Step 8: Now, when I talk to my clients, I don’t use fillers; Instead, I pause and think then come up with absolutely concur thoughts.

 Step 9:  I used Raj’s formula of Seed the idea ——— present the offer ——-Call to action and then see the impacted result

 Using this formula, I end up closing 5 deals in a month, and I’ve already made back the money I spent on the course

 Step 10: A long form of the content strategy was wonderful to implement those into Hosting a couple of events and leaving a long-lasting impact.

 Step 11:  Started an NGO, which will work on female financial literacy and independence.

I can see Raj put all his years learning in a bundle and naming it Speak to Influence, it’s so engaging content  I felt like  I was watching some web series every time I will be like what next he going to talk and really satisfying

 This is more than just a course; it is a journey of self-improvement.

 Let me tell you the top secret of SIP you get access to a community where we talk about the entire world and for you, a platform where you can implement all the lessons, clear all the doubts, get the opportunity to host those events, get to connect with your fellow mates like every day you learn from 10 different perspectives of other people that helps to enrich your Intellect you can find like-minded people, inspiring stories.


 Weekly events in the community

 1) Motivational Monday

2) Table Topics on Tuesday

3) Life discussion; or A group of people knitting one story

4) Viewpoint on social issues: by a thought-provoking question

5) Financial Friday

6) Story Saturday

7) Sales Sunday

And a lot more… Debate competitions, icebreakers, and other activities are also available.

It’s amazing that you will get a Guest lecture every alternate week. Kudos to the Growth school for doing such splendid work.


 Omg it is an overall growth platform  


 Over time, my learning from course and community has been:


  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your words to spread a powerful message.


  1. Don’t Take Anything Personally

Nothing that others do is due to you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.


  1. Avoid Making Assumptions

Find the courage to ask questions and express your true opinions. Communicate as clearly as possible with others to avoid misunderstandings. You can completely transform your life with just one agreement.


  1. Always Do Your Best

Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy versus when you are sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best in any situation and you will avoid self-judgment, and regret.


To make that edge simple

  • Practically Implementing is the key to this course
  • Do homework: Practice
  • Talking sense
  • Be relevant and things will come to the place itself.

Now I go out, advocate for causes, and share my audacious ideas. Every time I am excited to show the world, and you know in the world full of competition, the craziest thing is you have an edge over anything go up to the stage talk to 100 people