I managed to gain sales of around Rs 1L in just one month

By Siddhesh Dumbre August 8, 2021

I am currently a 3rd year undergrad of Mechanical Engineering from VNIT, Nagpur.

My Digital Marketing journey began just 1 year from now i.e., from June 2020. Basically, I got a chance to learn digital marketing because of my father, as I started helping him for our family business, which is into B2B space of industrial manufacturing.

I am a graphic designer as well, so initially started helping my dad for all graphic content such as catalog, brochure, etc.

Then I thought of moving ahead of this so started exploring digital marketing. I had no idea what marketing/digital marketing is, so I started with various online courses from platforms like Udemy, coursera, etc. But I found these courses very theoretical, I gave up.

Along with this I got an internship for a travel startup where I learned to handle Instagram specifically. I got to learn a lot of about IG were we grew from 1800 to 20K in just 4 months.

During this period along with my internship, I got introduce to Vaibhav’s 5-day workshop by one of my friend. I thought of investing Rs 500/- in it, not aware that this was going to open new doors for me into digital marketing. During the 5 day workshop, I was totally excited as I was learning new stuff daily, also Vaibhav’s energy entire the course was just amazing. The last seminar of the workshop was on fire, eventually I convinced my dad to buy this course as I knew I had to focus more on Linkedin for B2B sales.

After I bought the course, Just loved the content and finished the entire course in just 5 days. Along with that started applying my learnings to my dad’s LinkedIn account (which was used for business).

Results were pretty amazing, I managed to gain sales of around Rs 1,00,000 in just one month.

Grew his network from 20000 to 28000 growth of about 8000 followers in just 9 months using his techniques of automation on Linkedin.

WI learned how to leverage Linked in:

  • For Generating leads
  • Add Great People to my network

Generate content and gain super quality leads.

Profile Optimisation

Optimised my dad’s profile name, Profile pic, headline, cover picture(mobile optimised)


This is my favourite part. I learned many things in automating everything on Linkedin

Step 1: Found out competitors on LinkedIn using search and connected with them

Step 2: Then scraped all the profiles of 2nd degree connections(with Phantom buster), so I got all the connections of the competitors

Step 3: With Phantom buster started sending them connection requests with specialised notes.

Boom results were amazing very less efforts.

Also one more thing we did was,

Step 1 : Search for engaging LinkedIn Post in our niche.

Step 2: Scrape all the likers & commentors from the post.

Step 3: With Phantom buster started sending them connection requests with specialised notes.

And many such automation stuff, which leveraged LinkedIn in getting high quality leads.

My content’s reach started going high as shown below and thus got new clients from their as well.

I would definitely say that this course has added immense value and skills for me. The perspective about digital marketing that this course gave me has been applied by me in learning SEO of the website completely by myself. Vaibhav is the best mentor I ever got. All thanks to Vaibhav & his Team!!!