I got 10 consultation calls for my services booked within just 1 month

By Bhawna Dahiya August 8, 2021

I am Bhawana from Delhi. I am working as a Brand Manager at Gigzoe, a freelance marketplace startup. Previously I worked as a freelance social media consultant for almost 2 years before joining a full-time job. I have worked with 20+ clients as a freelance social media consultant in different niches such as blogging, eCommerce, marketing, entertainment, and food. I have also consulted 100+ students to leverage LinkedIn to start freelancing or to get a job. I would give all the credit to LinkedIn for helping me grow in my career as before joining LinkedIn I was just a clueless student

How did I come across the course?

I joined LinkedIn in 2019 and since then I have been following Vaibhav Sisinty. I attended many free webinars where Vaibhav was the speaker which made me more confident about his skillset. When he came out with this 5 Day LinkedIn workshop during Lockdown 2020, I decided to do it. At the end of the workshop, Vaibhav introduced us to the LinkedIn Mastery course. LinkedIn was already helping me as a freelancer but I wanted to learn the tricks and techniques used by Vaibhav so I opted for the course.

What exactly did I learn?

I learned 

  • how to use automation on LinkedIn 
  • how to use it for personal branding 
  • how to attract high paying clients 
  • And some high-level skills that I can further offer to my clients 

One thing step by step learned and applied

Strategies that helped me the most are profile optimization and content hacking 


    1. First, I understood the importance of using the right keywords in a profile which helps us to rank high on Linkedin search. So I did a competitor’s profile analysis to understand what keywords are helping them rank better. 


    1. Once I had the list of keywords, I optimized my profile to rank for keywords like social media, marketing, and freelancing that matched with my work. I updated the headline, summary, job description using the right keywords.


    1. Then I optimized my profile with a clear headshot profile picture and a cover picture with a call to action to make people visiting my profile understand what I do without even looking at other parts of the profile. 


    1. Had no idea how to use the feature section. The strategies and the tools that Vaibhav shared to optimize the feature section helped me to get almost 10 consultation bookings within one month of doing so. 


    1. Finally, I used the tools suggested by Vaibhav to check my profile score. My profile scored 90/100 and is among top 5% of profiles in marketing. 



    • I got various freelancing projects 


    • I also got various job interview offer directly in my inbox. The founder of the startup where I am working right now also approached me through LinkedIn after being impressed with my profile. 


    • I also got almost 10 consultation calls for my services booked within 1 month of applying the strategies taught in this course. 


Below is a screenshot of one of the job offers I got.



The difference it made 

I was just another confused student in her college when LinkedIn happened to me. This platform helped me to learn and establish a place for myself among the crowd. It helped me to connect with big personalities and learn from them. But LinkedIn Mastery by Vaibhav Sisinty accelerated my growth and helped me to be more confident with my skills. 

I recommend this course for anyone and everyone who wants to grow their business through LinkedIn especially to marketers.