I generated 1 million INR in revenue through Growth Hacking as a Freelancer.

By Bheem Rathore September 4, 2021

I am Bheem, a growth head and an entrepreneur at heart. – I’ve grown my freelancing business in addition to my digital agency from $0 to well over a million in revenue in approx 10 months.

How did I do it? Well, it’s quite simple, really.

I help fortune 1000 companies and startups with growth(because when they win, I win 🙂

With my specialization in helping brands and companies grow by transforming their playing field. With strategy, consulting, digital product development, product launching, marketing, automation(business and LinkedIn – my favorite), and data analysis I focus on the most important growth steps.

These days, I’m driving ROI for fast pace companies using growth hacking tactics. I have turned to be a “growth hacker” into a career.


How did I come across The Growth Hacking Program?

When I started my entrepreneurial journey as a digital agency founder, I was handling the sales for my startup. I knew very basic about sales, marketing and automation at that time. I was googling and learning and started following a bunch of Influencers like Houston Golden, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, etc.

Houston Golden was one of my first inspirations to learn growth hacking and Linkedin because of his book LinkedIn Bible. I first saw Vaibhav’s name in the Linkedin Bible and started following him and was impressed with his well-optimized LinkedIn profile. One day I was attending a Digital Deepaks webinar where Vaibhav was the speaker. When he came out with this 5 Day LinkedIn workshop, I decided to join his batch 2 workshop as well as his LinkedIn mastery. Now I have been part of Vaibhav’s community for approx more than a year with a lot of learnings. Then I came across his growth hacking mentorship program and I was eagerly waiting for it.


What did I learn?


  • How to work with data and use it.
  • Sentimental analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • How to use other people’s networks.
  • Tools for emailing, data scraping, and much more.


In just eight months this year, 24 startups have already made it to the unicorn club. Well many of them have raised $20 Bn till July this year, with several of the rounds producing Indian unicorns in 2021.

At this rate, India will have more than 100 unicorns by 2023, much earlier than the previous prediction of 2025 as suggested by Inc42 Plus reports in the past.

So, what set these unicorns into hypergrowth?

How do you ensure that people will stay with you?

How do you convince people?

And how do you ensure those people are happy enough to pay?


Answer: Reaching out to the right people at the right time with the right solution.

It started a few months back when I decided to use my learning from Growth Hacking mentorship as a freelance consultant and decided to partner with more agencies to work. It was so hard to find the right leads and the right agency to work with.

It all started by building the user persona – scraping persona:

  • What are their hobbies
  • Interest of services
  • The problem they are facing

User/agency data scraping:


Finding the profiles of founders, co-founders, and owners in the Information & Technology and Marketing Industry and scraping the company profiles. And applying the filters in the sales navigator to find out the most spending founders by keeping in mind where they worked in the past: Example: Employees from the fortune companies might have higher expanding power than others and have a better understanding of technology.


It’s a waste of money and time if we reach out to every person from the industry, Without knowing the problems and needs of our target audience.



Using their company website and company information, finding all the social media links, other review websites like Trustpilot, clutch, google reviews, etc collecting the reviews and running a sentimental and keywords analysis. To figure out which companies failed to provide better services based on the sentiment of their reviews.

Now based on their review sentiment and LinkedIn profile analysis with crystal knows(personality finding tool which suggests the hyper-personalized email content) creating a personalizing email template for solving their customer’s problems with my services.


Now find the emails with snov.io and any leads for partnership. Keeping all this aside, sending the email at the perfect time and in the primary inbox is more important (tool: lemlist).

Results: Primary KPI of the campaign was link clicks for the partnership meeting schedule. (booked 5 calls from a campaign of 20 leads)