Hosted 5+ events in the last 2 months and this time i was very confident

By Rahul Umrao September 4, 2021

Hello, My name is Rahul Umrao. I am pursuing BBA(currently in my third year). I am also freelancing on a part-time basis and working with a startup as social media head as well.

I have got many opportunities in school as well in college to host different events like sports ceremony, investiture ceremony, Prize distribution ceremony, etc. but I never felt confident enough & were always unsatisfied from my performance because nobody has ever taught me how to keep your audience engage, how to stay confident, how to speak, etc. and also just because of my nervousness, I have ruined the whole speech many times.

Along with this, I have one more issue, I have the idea that why networking is so so important but I never knew how to actually do that. I love talking and knowing about different people, and not only talking but also helping them if it is possible for me by any means but I was not able to ask the right question because nobody has ever taught me and even the teachers with whom I was surrounded with also didn’t know how to do this, that’s why I didn’t even get the chance to learn by observing them.

I have been following Raj Shamani on Instagram for a long time, and i still remember how I followed him, my friends used to see his content on IG and I encountered him on one of my friends’ stories. I used to say this guy has a different vibe but never followed him, one day I thought to check his account and see what he does exactly, and the very first thing I saw is his bio, “200+ speeches & 26+ countries”. I was literally shocked to see that and that was the day I followed him and I always used to think to learn from him and whenever I saw his video I get a different vibe so when he launched this course I didn’t even think for a second time and enroll for the workshop followed by enrolling into course.

Overall today I can say I am now a confident public speaker and as well as I know how to network with people and the best part is that I can do this very comfortably.

How this community/course has helped me:

  • Execution:
    Learning is not a tough path execution is, whatever I have learned in the course I have got an opportunity to execute those learning here itself in the community by participating in various discussions and hosting events.
  • Motivation :
    I was very underconfident to start my own content creation journey and book club also but the community helped me and kept me motivated to start. I think starting something is the hardest part but thanks to the community members I have reached my first milestone by completing 1K followers on Instagram.


  • I have taken the following actions after being a part of this course and the community:
  • I started making content on personal development (talked about only those things which I have personally tried)
  • Got ease in networking with anyone around me.
  • Started hosting community events and participated actively in order to increase my fluency and gain confidence.
  • Hosted more than 5+ events in the last 2 months outside the community confidently and this time I was satisfied enough with my performance.
  • 1+ Instagram followers with great confidence in public speaking.
  • I was able to start my own book club with the help of the community members. I am so grateful for such a helpful community.
  • Able to network comfortably with a lot of budding entrepreneurs

The learning from the course has been so powerful that I have been able to start my content creation journey I am grateful for Raj Shamani, Growth School, and the amazing community which we have, which always keeps us motivated.