This course has also brought out the leader in me

By Harshit Sharma September 22, 2021

This course helped in bringing the leader in me.

Hey! I am Harshit Sharma, I am 19 years old and pursuing engineering and my fields of interest are music, books, and equity. I aspire to be an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.

I came to know about this course from Instagram. It said that it would be a course to enhance your speaking skills and the mentor would be none other than Raj Shamani. And I immediately opted for the workshop because there aren’t many times when you can learn from the influencers you look up to.

I still remember the date; it was Sunday 16th May 2021; the day workshop was held. And it was the best workshop and best public speaking advice (hacks) I have ever received.

I have learned a lot from this course some of my personal favourites are

  • Breaking the ice.
  • Ending a conversation.
  • Dealing with awkward situations.
  • How to avoid fillers.
  • Ask for your money
  • End with a Boom
  • Legends leave a line

I initially did not give importance to the community which growth school was providing. But later I realized how wonderful it is to have a group of people who have the same motive as you, which in this case was getting better at public speaking. We not only learned the concepts of public speaking but applied them in the community. Experiential learning makes learning so much fun and makes it so easy.

I have witnessed a huge change in me from the last couple of months being a part of the course and community.

  • I have been more confident speaking to anyone (conference, stranger, etc.).
  • I took part in MUNs and debate competitions held at my college and won honorable mention.
  • I took part in a debating event by Growth School and won by implementing points from the course.
  • I am hosting and moderating events now in the discord community.
  • I actively started participating in my college clubs.
  • I have felt that now I am able to convey my message appropriately.

Though right now I don’t have any specific goals toward content creation still this course has helped me bring out the best speaker in me.

I have not just improved my communication skills but I have gained so many insights and knowledge from the different events we have had on the discord server, where people from all walks of life join in and share their knowledge and wisdom with one goal to learn from each other.

We have had different days for different topics for example – Tuesday Table topics, Finance Fridays, Story Saturdays, etc.  I initially hesitated to speak up and now I not only speak but host the Sessions.

I am proud to tell you that I have been given the responsibility of a moderator. All I can say is that this course has not just helped me in public speaking but has also brought the leader in me.