I started getting invites for interviews and speeches!

By Leela Shankar July 18, 2021

I am Leela Shankar. I am a startup founder, public speaker & startup growth consultant.

I spoke at the Devscript tech community, Avantika University & JB Institute of Engineering and Technology, which happens to be the same college where I graduated in 2017.

I also started consulting people for growing their personal brand on LinkedIn.

All these were possible because of my killer LinkedIn profile and content! 

My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leela-shankar-adhimulam/

How did I come across the course?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media influencer who talks about marketing. I will follow him regularly. Last year he was advising everyone to jump on LinkedIn and said LinkedIn is the next Facebook!

So, I decided to learn about LinkedIn and searched on a website called Skillshare, which is an eLearning platform. I found Vaibhav’s course there and went through it.

I applied a few things but not fully. A few months later I saw Vaibhav’s LinkedIn 5 Day workshop ad and messaged him on Instagram asking what is the difference between the 5 day workshop & the Skillshare course. He said 5-day workshop is action-oriented and not just an ordinary online class.

I like actionable learning so I signed up for the workshop. I liked the content and wanted to learn more and hence I bought the LinkedIn Mastery course for LinkedIn deep dive.

What did I learn?

How one profile can attract many kinds of people such as followers, job recruiters, potential leads & many other people!

  1. LinkedIn Profile Optimization.
  2. Content optimization.
  3. Grow followers on LinkedIn
  4. Lead Generation through LinkedIn.
  5. Automation for advanced LinkedIn growth hacking
  6. How to find and send emails through LinkedIn!
  7. There is everything that you can learn, which you can do on LinkedIn here!

Timeline – How long did the results take?

I started to post daily for around 4 months and within the first 2 months, I was getting invited to various interviews and speeches!

My follower count also started to increase!

I still have less than 500 connections but more than 1300 followers! That is the power of content & profile optimization!




Profile Optimization: My profile with the optimized headline, banner image, featured section, etc!

This is the score I got for my LinkedIn profile optimization from Resume Worded. Check yours now!

Content Optimization & views: 



  1. Once you get an idea to share, always note it down somewhere so that you don’t forget.
  2. You will be also shown a couple of tools in the curse, which help you generate new content ideas.
  3. Now write your first draft and make the necessary changes.
  4. Make sure to have a hook or a surprise element in the first 3 sentences of your post.
  5. Use simple words.
  6. Use Grammarly to check any Grammatical or sentence formation mistakes.
  7. Check your content for a readability score online!
  8. Separate each line with a space on your post for extra readability.
  9. People also tend to feel that the content is not heavy and will read it if it is like that.
  10. Finally, add relevant Hashtags & posts!


All these are explained in depth in the course along with the comparison among plain text posts, image posts, PDF posts, and video posts.

Which will perform better and the correct time to post your content!

You can check out one of my post’s screenshots on the next page.


Just by posting for 2 months consistently, I accumulated over 1 lakh lifetime views!

It is 9 months before. Imagine my views now!

From 10,000 views to over 3,00,000+ lifetime views, which is an 3,000% increase in 10 months!

I talked about it in a post, find the screenshot of it on the next page!




Got a chance to speak at 2 Universities & a Tech community, purely through LinkedIn. People liked my content so they visited my profile which is highly optimized and followed me & sent me invites to be a speaker at their events. 

I also got other opportunities like LinkedIn consulting as well!

The Difference It Made

If you wish to grow in your career in 2021, LinkedIn is the sure-shot way for your big break, be it a job offer or your business.

This is an age of personal branding, authority & trust building!

If you want to stand out from your peers in terms of

resume, Write about your expertise on LinkedIn!

If you are a business, build credibility & trust from your customers through LinkedIn!

I highly recommend Vaibhav’s LinkedIn Mastery Course, if you really want to kill it in your career!

Consider this as an investment for your career, I am pretty sure your first opportunity from LinkedIn will cover your investment cost of this course!