I started getting interview calls from big agencies

By Neha Goyal June 12, 2021

I am Neha Goyal from Indore. I am a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant from last 2 years. Previously worked with one of the India’s biggest Performance Marketing agencies Performics Convonix Mumbai.

Got a chance to handle big clients like SOTC and Thomas Cook. I am eternally grateful for the steep learning curve in Performics due to which I am able to work as a Freelancer now. I am also a Facebook Certified Buying Professional.My work mostly consists of running Google and Facebook ads.

Here is my Fiverr profile link where I have completed 35+ projects from all over the world with 5 star ratings.

How did I come across the course?

I have seen Vaibhav’s Ads on Facebook and Instagram. After which I followed him on Linked-In. And lastly, one of my friends informed me that the 5-day workshop is great hence, I enrolled. I liked the workshop and the results it delivered, hence went ahead for the linked-In mastery course.

What exactly did you learn

I learned how to leverage Linked as:
A Brand building tool
Attract Job offers
Network with great people to share knowledge and collaborate
Attract Clients to pursue me instead of me finding clients

One strategy that I used the most was Optimizing my profile.


Steps are as follows:

1. Checked competitor’s profile: I searched for some amazing freelancers in my field with great presence on LinkedIn and checked their profiles to see which keywords they are using and what are they displaying in the featured sections. Picked some good keywords to rank my profile for and used them in Title, description and other text parts of my profile. I also got some great ideas for the featured section too.

I have highlighted the keywords which are important for me that I have included in my description.

2. Featured section In the featured section I used the most trustworthy portfolio I had, my Fiverr profile and added important keywords in the text.

3. improve profile rating Used tool called Resume Worded to check how good is my profile and made suggested changes to keep the score above 90, that is in the top 5% Profiles.

4. Cover picture Changed my Cover pic to show photos of my reviews:x Vaibhav explained that Cover pic has a very large & important area on the profile and should be used to build trust and hence I used it to show reviews from my Freelance seller profile portfolio on Fiverr.

5. Profile titles I changed the title of my profile according to the words people use to search for Freelancers with my skillset.

6. Services section I had no “Providing services” section in my LinkedIn profile, in the course I learnt how to get that by joining a group. I included all the services I provide here which helps me to get visibility in search results.

7. Content Strategy: I posted variety of content as I wanted to experiment and check what works for me.

After posting for about 2-3 months I realised I get a good response for posts related to case studies, so I have decided to do more of that. Case study posts gave me more increment in followers than any other type of posts.

The following are the type of posts I posted:

(a). Case studies from my past projects
(b). Latest Digital Marketing news and my opinion on that
(c). Topics from LinkedIn News – like on Women’s day the news had following hashtags,
#ConversationsForChange #WomenAtWork #IWD2021
(d). My thoughts on current pandemic situation – to increase relatability and emotional connect with my followers & connections.

Case study example 1

Case study example 2

Latest Digital marketing news example

Emotion triggering relatable post on the pandemic situation


I received many (around 11-12) interviews calls from big agencies for the exact job role that I can work for in just three months I also got 2 offers for freelance consulting.

I had started working on my LinkedIn profile in March 2021 and the I have posted only 6 times till mid-June.

Here are the screenshots of the job offers.


I have started getting a lot of job interview offers and have got some Freelance opportunities also, as shown in the screenshots.

I have got some amazing people in my network with whom I collaborate for work. When I share my Linked- in Profile to my clients, it increases their trust because of the type of content I have posted and the endorsements & recommendations. I have a better chance of negotiating in my favour.