I got a job from one of the companies in US in just one week

By Ramya Anudeep June 12, 2021

I am a serial entrepreneur for the last 7 years. I started my professional journey at the age of 22. Worked 3 months in a gaming company as a developer and came out of it to start a company, which failed in the next 10 months.

After that, I have started a company that sells ergonomic laptop stands. But that too failed in 4 months. After that, I have started a restaurant by taking a franchise from one of the Kerala brands and invested a lot into it. It failed due to covid in 7 months.

I am broke & lost and after all these. Then I decided to take a break and then take my next step. I talked to several of my mentors, and each of them suggested one unique idea. I started developing an interest in this digital field and started my journey with digital Deepak.

Just finished 25% of his course and lost interest in that. But I have that love towards this digital field. I started with Instagram and a small blog by hiring an intern. For one month I continuously focussed on posting content on Instagram, writing blogs and articles on LinkedIn and my website.

Someone told me to learn LinkedIn marketing as well along with other concepts. Then I started searching and found a course from Roshini Dhal. I took that course but it didn’t help much.

Then by a brother who is from Gautam University, told me about Vaibhav and his LinkedIn 5 day workshop. He forwarded the Facebook post of Vaibhav regarding the 5-day workshop on messenger. I had a perception like he is just a kid, what will he teach me. Then I saw his website and got convinced. I just thought of trying it out as its just 500 INR.

Finally finished my workshop and I ended up buying LinkedIn Mastery. I finished the course and by the end of the course, I got a job from one of the US companies called ZEETIM, with 28000 INR. I was speechless. It’s just a week after I optimized my profile and learned about Phantom Buster. That moment was crazy for me. It all started that way and did not stop since then.

Managed that job with the help of my intern and I started learning more and started taking more projects as freelance regarding LinkedIn Marketing. One LinkedIn post that I wrote 10 months back got me a client who is still with me. He is from Amsterdam. He loved my honesty and dedication to work. He got a great response from his LinkedIn and he is able to crack a deal with amazon with the help of my efforts. His company name is SuperDNA 3d Lab, which has grown 150% in the past 6 months.

The journey continued and I worked with 28+ clients till now from US, Amsterdam & India. I have taken the growth hacking mentorship program which helped me to choose my clients wisely and give them the best digital support that is suitable for them based on their customers.

I have developed a great brainstorming ability to find the best combination of channels to help my clients in order to get qualified leads. I started with 1 client and now I have worked with 28+ clients. Currently handling 7 clients.

Started with 28k per month and now getting 2 lakh per month. I should say it’s because I have chosen the right mentor at the right time (Vaibhav). Vaibhav has no idea what this means to me.

I owe him a treat for my success. Wish I can meet him soon. If given a chance would love to work with him in his future endeavors