I developed an app that helps people with the right information at the time of crisis.

By Sudipta Mondal June 12, 2021

I am Sudipta Mondal. I am a philanthropic entrepreneur, eCommerce consultant, and an official Shopify Expert. My wife, Masum, and I run a Global eCommerce Agency from Kolkata & Singapore.

I also run multiple SAAS Products for eCommerce merchants.

Being an entrepreneur I always wanted to solve user-specific issues with exceptional problem-solving skills. I always love to take on challenges, that’s why I left my 1st job and started entrepreneurship in 2009 at the age of 21.

Now I am focusing on building products for common people to solve their problems for their daily usages like iGoogle.

I was featured in the Shopify Global Economic  Impact Report 2020 by Deloitte ($183 BILLION GLOBAL ECONOMY ACTIVITY FROM BUSINESSES ON SHOPIFY) Proud to be the pioneer and only Shopify experts and Shopify partners from Asia to be featured in this report. We’re happy to be among those making a big impact on global economic growth.


I have developed https://bengalcovidcare.com/ which helps people with the right information at the time of crisis.

My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hisudipta/

How did I come across the course?


Being a Creator, Entrepreneur, and founder for a startup I love to build a Product Drive Company, my sole aim is to create something good for society and for the common people for their daily uses like google.

I am a Coder, and hence programming and problem-solving are my passion. I have expertise in the Microsoft .net Platform. I have developed multiple SAAS Products Using Dot net and PHP since 2009 and commercially selling it in the School / Medical Industry.

Ideas keep on running in my mind but I get to try only a few to run on the market as it’s not easy to code in my language of expertise. For example, I want to build a mobile application for covid resources. If I do code in Dot net or Php it will take a minimum of 10 days but with the power of No code, I can build this type of application in 2 Hrs.

I have learned about No Code from Linked in and Twitter. A few months later on 30-April-2021, I saw Keshav’s  ‘No Code WorkShop Program for 2nd May  ‘ on Facebook and I knew exactly what i had to do. Keshav clearly mentioned in his post that with the power of No Code we can build apps like Swiggy / Netflix / Amazon and to name a few. This post really nudged me and I immediately registered to it with @499 INR for 2hr Workshop

I attended this workshop on 2nd May-2021, and I loved this workshop. Keshav explained bit-by-bit how to build a small mobile app for the educational sector. After this workshop, I just started playing with it and built my first version of Bengal Covid Care with the help of Google Sheets and Glide.



What did I learn?


The 2hr workshop was amazing, I was super excited to build my 1st product without writing any single line of code (which is the first time in my life ). I always used dot net / PHP / Ruby to build a big/simple application.

What I have learned from this workshop:

    1. How to use Mobile App without writing a single line of code


    1. How to use Glide “No Code Platform“


    1. How to Build Simple Database with Google sheets 


    1. How to Use Glide Table instead of Google Sheets 


    1. How to add data in Google sheets/data Type / Filter 


    1. Multiple Column Relationship


    1.  Screen Design with Front end Component – button, text, map, form, etc 


    1. How to Publish app 



Why did I build this application: Bengal Covid Care?

I wanted to minimize the gap between common people and suppliers like oxygen, Ambulance, Hospital, plasma, covid testing & more in this pandemic. All elements are available on the internet but getting the right resource at the right time is more crucial. That’s why I had built Bengal covid care to provide all the covid related information of India in one place in the form of a simple and lightweight mobile app.

How have I implemented (in a step by step way with few pictures)

To build this app, I am grateful to my wife, Masum, and my teammates Tamal, Poulomi, Atreyee, Santanu, Souvik, for helping me to curate the database and verify it.



I will show you how I have Designed this app, there are 30 + screen however I will show you only 3 Screens Configuration – Main Menu , Oxygen, Vaccination

Step 1: Create a Database


First  I have created a Google Sheets  https://www.google.com/sheets

Name of the Sheets: COVID 19 
Then I have created Different Tab in Google Sheets like Main_Menu, Oxygen_Supplier, Covid_Testing Centre, Plasma_Bank , etc

Here are Some Snap and Table from my https://bengalcovidcare.com/

Please check below the table that  I have used in my app














Step 2: Create an account in Glide


 – I had created a Free Account in Glide – https://www.glideapps.com/

– Signed in with Google (with My Gmail Id)

– Then entered app name: Bengal Covid Care

– Then Selected the Data Source :

– Then choose Google sheets (Covid19)

– Click on Continue





Step 3: Create Screen For Main Menu


– I had entered into the Glide app

– Below are the steps I had followed 

Screen Shot: Configuring Main Menu

Step 3: Create a screen For Vaccine


First click on Vaccine Tab/Sub Menu ( From Main Menu Screen )

Then Insert Components: Text

Add Button Component

Add Button Title

Add Button Icon

Choose Button Style ( Shown As )

Action ( Open Link )

Target  ( Website Link )

Note: I have not used any database for Vaccination Screen 





Screen Shot: Configuring Button with Web Link 






Step 3: Create Screen For Oxygen

– For Oxygen I have used two Database: Pan_Oxygen_State & Pan_Oxygen





I have followed this process for others screens like – Hospital Beds, Ambulance, Volunteer, Meal Service, Covid Testing Centre, etc.








  1. What I was able to achieve (links/lists of projects that I was able to build) – and when I shared this in public did anyone reach out to me or appreciated me. 

    I wanted to provide all Covid Related Information of West Bengal & India in one place in the form of a simple web app. Within 2 Days from the day of launch, we had received 5000+ Users with a Less Bounce rate.


          From May 17-May-2021 to 19-May-2021


    How did I promote this app?

    – We launched this app on 15th May 2021

    – First I had to share this app link from my personal Facebook page, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram, Whatsapp story

    – Then my teammates and friends shared it in their timeline

    – Some Celebrity from Bengal – Swastika Mukherjee @swastika24

    Srijit Mukherji @srijitspeaketh shared this app link on their timeline and from there I had received a lot of visitors.

    I had received a lot of Positive Feedback from common people regarding our app, also received a lot of applications from the volunteers across West Bengal and India.

    Appreciation from @doinbengal ( A West Bengal Government body mainly help a start-up to do business in Bengal )



    MY Message :

    If you are a Startup Founder, Entrepreneur, solopreneur, or a student who wants to build their own 1st product without writing any single line of code then the ‘No Code ‘ platform is the best choice. Keshav and Mayank are amazing guys for the ‘No Code Work Shop’ from Growth School