I got over my biggest fear of approaching new people despite of being an introvert

By Ananya Karan September 6, 2021

Hey, I’m Ananya Karan. I’m a student pursuing a bachelor’s in Public Administration, a public speaker, and a social media strategist. I’m an aspiring content creator and I eventually want to work on my own start-up. I have been following Raj Shamani for a long time and I very much resonate with his content therefore, when he talked about his public speaking course, I was quite interested.

Being a public speaker myself, I was a bit skeptical whether or not there are things for me to learn. I didn’t join the first batch for this very reason, but then I came across a testimonial video and after watching it, I decided to take up the workshop because I didn’t want to restrict myself. It was a Sunday evening when the workshop was conducted and my very first impression of Growth school and Raj Shamani was quite impressive. The workshop was like an eye-opener.


But, do you know why? Let me tell you that..

Despite being a public speaker, I learned several nuanced techniques for effective public speaking. When Raj introduced the course, I was bit skeptical because I’m still a student and I wasn’t sure whether I should make this investment and fast forward to this day, I can proudly say that this is my best buy to date and let me tell you, I haven’t yet finished the course, because I’m from batch 2 (so it’s mid-way through the program) but the benefits that I’ve already reaped are far beyond what I paid for. Yes, it’s that good!

Right from the material of the course, the QnAs, and the best part and one of the most important reasons for me to join the course was – The Community. This community has just so many talented people, who share their opinions, perspectives, knowledge, and even secrets!

We have Table topics Tuesday, finance Fridays, and story Saturdays. Confused? Even I was. At first, I thought there are just too many talented people, I might actually get lost somewhere but guess what? The very first day I joined, everyone was so kind, welcoming, and supportive to me that talking to them didn’t feel like I was talking to strangers.

An introvert, one of my biggest fears of how exactly I can talk to strangers was so easily busted by the modules given by Raj and the daily VCs (voice call) on discord. For example, in the module, Raj said that before conversing, you need to be comfortable, make others comfortable as well. I also really liked one thing that Raj said about approaching strangers, “having a clear intention“. Simple yet tricky? Yes. It worked out so well for me that I started reaching out to strangers and making valuable connections and we all know that ‘’Your network is your net worth’’. I got a few opportunities in my skill set related to social media strategy and unlike before, now I had the leverage and I could even deny the offers just because I learned a few techniques he offered.

I won’t lie, even if you don’t get the course, you might learn these things but trial and error will take a lot of your time, and having a super talented and insightful community? Well not anywhere else

Whilst I share this, I must mention that we have people from a varied age range and they add as much value as anyone else so don’t feel like this course is only for a particular group of people.

If I talk about the improvements that I have seen in myself, it will be a long list of things. Right from talking to strangers to talking constantly about anything and to hosting sessions in the community, there is just so much that I’ve learned and if you missed it, I’m from the 2nd batch (Aug-2021) which is just begun (at the time I’m writing this). And, I’ve already gained so much confidence about starting my content creation journey and pursuing my big dreams, that it has changed me a lot.

In short, I’ve transformed a lot ever since I joined, and am still learning every day.