One of my US client was awestruck with the results that i my agency was able to achieve

By Adit Chouhan September 22, 2021

Hello, I am Adit Chouhan An Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Coach, Public Speaker, and Professional Emcee, I run a boutique Digital Marketing Agency called The Clicks Technologies (TCT).

Since the inception of TCT in 2016, I have been lucky to have got the opportunity to help 30+ Brands/ Businesses from across the globe grow their revenues

I have helped large/ mid/ small businesses from India, United States, Japan, South Africa, UAE, Maldives, and few other geographies across Industries – e-Commerce, Manufacturing, Talent Acquisition, Education, Retail, Real Estate, Auto, Fitness, and more.

I have been part of the 8-week Performance Marketing Mentorship Camp and been one of the most active people in the community along with helping people with their concerns and guiding next cohorts being an alumnus of growth school.

In this video, I am sharing my experience of mentorship in the video below.