Stellar work from our Community

Here are some of the projects created by the Growth School community. We’re thrilled to see their interpretation of the courses and their rapid progress.

creators-case-study September 6, 2021
Stereotypical shy girl next door? Yes that’s me or at least used to be me but Not Anymore.

It’s not just a program but a guide on How to step out of your comfort zone & leave an impact

Sagarika Agarwal
creators-case-study September 6, 2021
I got over my biggest fear of approaching new people despite of being an introvert

Whilst I share this, I must mention that we have people from a varied age range and they add as much value as anyone else so don’t feel like this course is only for a particular group of people.

Ananya Karan
creators-case-study September 4, 2021
This program has helped to break that resistance to approach new people.

After spending 2 months with the videos and in the SIP community i have grown so much. It was the journey of being scared to unmute myself to being the most active person who is up for hosting sessions.

Medhabini Mishra
creators-case-study September 4, 2021
Hosted 5+ events in the last 2 months and this time i was very confident

The learning from the course has been so powerful that I have been able to start my content creation journey I am grateful for Raj Shamani, Growth School, and the amazing community which we have, which always keeps us motivated.

Rahul Umrao
growth-case-study September 4, 2021
I generated 1 million INR in revenue through Growth Hacking as a Freelancer.

It started a few months back when I decided to use my learning from Growth Hacking Mentorship as a freelance consultant and decided to partner with more agencies to work. It was so hard to find the right leads and the right agency to work with.

Bheem Rathore
growth-case-study September 4, 2021
The programs have helped me get 2 jobs with a much better profile than I have aspired to.

It has widened my horizon of seeing the marketing and growth hacking with new lights and dimensions, and my zeal to keep experimenting with every new project I take up in my life. 

Shubhashree Soubhagya Rashmi
creators-case-study September 4, 2021
Growth School’s Speak to Influence Program is Instrumental in building me as an Eminent Public Speaker!!!.

The biggest USP of the course is that it’s natural and unscripted and that’s what makes you feel connected and structure yourself and present confidently. The entire 4 weeks have been so exciting that I still sometimes go and watch them again.

Yashendra Mishra
creators-case-study September 4, 2021
My investment in SIP program has been giving good returns

I am very much thankful to the Growth School and Raj Shamani Sir for the lovely opportunity to join the course and improve my speaking skills. In addition, for the community to which Growth School gave us lifetime access to.

Darshan Jain
growth-case-study September 4, 2021
The First-Week’s project itself helped finish an internship task and impress folks out there.

The knowledge you gain from this program is extremely valuable and exclusive. Also, it’s not just about the mentorship and community – there are many things that will help you in the process of growing your business. From full-time career opportunities to internship opportunities, you’ll learn about them all in this incredible Mentorship!

Srikrishna Jarugubilli
creators-case-study September 4, 2021
Its a journey full of implementation more than a course

Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy versus when you are sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best in any situation and you will avoid self-judgment, and regret.

Saveena Solanki