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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these live Workshops?
Yes, these would be one and half hour live Workshops, where the mentors would explain and share their knowledge and expertise on various domains through their experiences. 
Will I get recordings of these Workshops later?
No, there would be no recordings provided. These are one-time live Workshops.
Why should I attend the Workshops?
No, there would be no recordings provided. These are one-time live Workshops.
Are there any prerequisites for the Workshops?
No, there aren’t any prerequisites. The workshop would take you through the various nuances of the topics through the experiences of the mentor.
How do I know if these Workshops are right for me?
If you checklist any one of the points mentioned in the “Who is this Workshop for?”, we assure you that these would be some of the best and most informative journeys for you.
Is there any refund policy?
Our coupons ensure you access the best content at the best prices. However, there will not be any refund issued for the Workshops.