Unleashing Potential, Transforming Lives

At GrowthSchool, we partner with the top 1% of instructors to create high-impact cohort-based courses on personal and professional growth for learners all over the world.
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What Drives Us

While college was an enjoyable experience for many, it didn't equip us with the necessary skills to thrive in today's online landscape. We aim to change that by collaborating with top industry leaders to create career-focused programs that can help you start a new career or enhance your existing skills.

The Power of Community

You learn more from your peers than your mentors or teachers in the real world. You can have better ideas & have better professional outcomes when like-minded people surround you. Our programs are focused on community learning & engagement.

Support from Great Mentors

Having a supportive and knowledgeable mentor can greatly enhance your career journey. They can help you avoid pitfalls and progress more smoothly. Wel only collaborate with the best of the best - the top 1% of professionals in their field.

Backed by the Best

GrowthSchool is backed and supported by 80+ Angel Investors
Dr Ritesh Malik
Founder, Plaksha
Bimal Kartheek
Cofounder, Trell
Ashish Tulsian
Founder, POSist
Mukul Rastogi
Co-Founder, Classplus
Anshuman Singh
Co-Founder, Scaler Academy
Suumit Shah
Prabhkiran Singh
Bhaswat Agarwal
Ajinkya Kulkarni
Sanket Shah

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